Weekend Community Links

  • Vertigo Gaming have released two ‘combo-packs’ of their commercial games. The Oil Blue, Sandbox of God: Remastered and greenTech+ can be purchased for $19.95 whilst adding ShellBlast and Spirits of Metropolis to the pack takes the price up to $25.
  • Grabeorama’s GMag is now up to its fifth issue. The short fortnightly magazine contains a summary of Game Maker news for the period it covers along with brief game reviews.
  • A moderator at the YoYo Games forums has had his status revoked because his “behaviour just doesn’t match with what a moderator is supposed to do”. NessXX‘s demotion by the often silent Trollsplatterer, who appears to run the forums, didn’t come as a surprise to many users who detailed various unsuitable things he had been responsible for.

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