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Competition Six Entries Confirmed

Competition 6 Judging Status UpdateYoYo Games have released a list of the 275 games which have been entered in their sixth competition and have created a portal where you can see how judging is progressing. The figure for entered games is higher than we reported earlier today as it appears games which were labelled using the old style tags have been included.

Round one of judging, which takes place this week, will remove from the contest games which do not comply with the contest rules or are unplayable.

You might find you need to install a Silverlight plugin in order to view the judging progress page though, at least at the moment, the page doesn’t do anything fancy.

What do you think?

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  1. @SunnyKatt – don’t use the non-RSS link as that page will be removed (it comes from the Rails framework that we use for the server side).

    We used Silverlight as we prefer that to other client side offerings available, and it gives us cross platform and consistent (no need to change things per browser) applications. See the Moonlight project for a Linux alternative (unfortunately it cannot use Silverlight 4, which we need for the moment)

    It also allows you to install any application out of the browser so it can sit on the desktop, and it will auto update when I make changes at this end.

    • Ah okay, it looks like I will get an RSS reader then. The reason I (and many others) dislike silverlight is that it’s yet another plugin that provides functionality we already have. Had it been a java applet nobody would have a problem, because everyone already has javascript on their browser. Many people (including me!) dislike getting a new plugin when we really don’t have to because almost all security vulnerabilities in new operating systems are through plugins (such as flash, java, quicktime, silverlight, etc). Remember that virus on YYG a short while back that came in through the ad server in java? Disabling javascript allowed you to browse the site safely. It’s the same way with many other websites and plugins.

      Personally I only have java and flash, because I need them. Quicktime and silverlight are both very sparingly used and carry many of the same security threats in a browser. So I’ll refrain from getting it for as long as I can, and I hope it doesn’t grow ( I would rather the internet be less fragmented in what programs we have to use, it will keep everything faster and more secure because users have to have less active plugins running in the background, which means less total security vulnerabilities unfamiliar sites can explore.

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