Game Maker Game Dustforce in $100,000 IndiePub Final

on September 16, 2010 - 3467 Views

IndiePub Games have announced the 6 finalists and the community choice winner in their $105,000 game development competition.  One of the finalists, Dustforce, described as an ‘acrobatic puzzle platformer’ by creators Woodley Nye and Lexie Dostal, is written in Game Maker. Gameplay trailer below.

Last year Game Maker games Climb to the Top of the Castle won a $10,000 first prize and Save the Planet won $2,500 for placing second in a community vote.

An aside:  YoYo Games offered $1,750 of prizes in their sixth contest and attracted 276 entries.  IndiePub put up $105,000, were open to all platforms, and yet only got 147 entries.  Although the quality of games entered at IndiePub is above the YoYo average I still find it quite astonishing that so few people entered.

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5 Responses to Game Maker Game Dustforce in $100,000 IndiePub Final

  1. […] former GMC administrator KC LC stood down from her position. In August. The second news piece is on Dustforce‘s $100,000 success in the IndiePub Games contest. There is very little focus on Game Maker, although This is Indie is […]

  2. […] puzzle platformer Dustforce (trailer) created by Woodley Nye and Lexie Dostal has been awarded the $100,000 Grand Prize in IndiePub […]

  3. Brad says:

    Wow Dustforce is incredible. It’s funny how someone unknown to the GMC or YYG can make a game that’s better then any game on the website or forum in a few months. Maybe avoiding GM trolls is productive 😀

    I was going to enter the competition, purely because of the fast that hardly anyone was entering. Unfortunately I couldn’t find an artist, or a good game idea lol.

  4. I’m not surprised. A lot of indie developers were fairly scared of entering games into the competition (at least the first time they did the competition) because of some of the legal-talk.

  5. Wow, really only 147 entries with a 100k+ prize pool? I might just enter next time round if there are so few entries.

    Dustforce looks really cool. I hope it does well.

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