Zoom in Game Maker 8.1 Room Editor and 75,000 Solitaire downloads in a day

on December 31, 2010 - 6146 Views

Mike Dailly has written a post on his personal blog looking back at 2010 and forward to 2011 with regards to Game Maker.

In the post he reveals:

  • That YoYo Games’ free solitaire app for iPhone and iPod was downloaded 75,000 times on Christmas day alone
  • That the iOS port was written in less than a month
  • That Game Maker 8.1 will have a zoom option in the room editor (finally!)
  • Drawing code will be sped up
  • On Twitter he also suggested that “++” and “ ” operators could also be added.

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7 Responses to Zoom in Game Maker 8.1 Room Editor and 75,000 Solitaire downloads in a day

  1. […] room editor overhaul (zoom, group selection, ability to set some instance data from this view, […]

  2. DarkFalzX says:

    Finally at least a little improvement to that dinosaur of an editor! It hasn’t changed since GameMaker version 4 for crying out loud, and is way overdue for a complete overhaul! What about picking multi-tile tile-brush from within the room or the tileset, or moving/manipulating chunks of tiles? Tile flips?! Tile draw-modes?! Ability to swap tilesets without re-building the room? We get NONE of that?
    Damnit – it still looks like I’ll have to write my own room editor after all.

  3. Erik Leppen says:

    I can’t remember him saying “drawing code will be sped up”. What he DID say was that the source code of the ROOM EDITOR will be sped up. If you fill a large room with many small tiles, you’ll notice a lot of lag when scrolling in the room editor. I believe this is what is meant to be sped up. This has nothing to do with execution speed of GML drawing functions.

  4. SunnyKatt says:

    No more lagging in the code editor? Sounds cool.

  5. Sam Whited says:

    Any chance you could provide a link to that Tweet?

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