2010: Most Popular Articles on GameMaker Blog

At the end of each year I normally run through some of the most popular articles on this blog by pageviews.   This year I have also included the most commented and most linked to articles on the site – see what memories they bring back!

Most viewed
With more than twice as many pageviews as the next article the most popular post in 2010 was about the release of Game Maker 8. In second place (for the second year running) was a post about some advantages Construct has over Game Maker.  Third place went to the marvellous 100 Game Maker Games in 10 minutes video created by Matt Scorah (you can expect a 2010 version soon). Fourth place went to the Game Maker 7 crack formerly hosted by YoYo Games themselves and fifth was the announcement that a Game Maker 8 decompiler was under construction.

Most discussed100 Game Maker Games in 2009 Video
The top 5 articles from 2010 by the number of reader comments they generated were:

Most linked to posts
These are the most linked to posts of all time, not just in 2010.Game Maker 8 Logo

2009’s top 5 articles

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