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on January 22, 2011 - 3647 Views

Mike Dailly has taken a look at the Game Maker suggestions list compiled by BBGaming and Rusky and has written a commentary about some of the ideas on his personal blog.  Both IDE usability and functionality/performance issues are included in the suggestions.

There are way too many points to address here and the long list will take some time to digest. Hopefully I have picked out some of the more interesting ones and those which we will see sooner rather than later to summarise below:

  • Runner format will be changed “making it harder to decompile” before Game Maker 9
  • Eventually bytecode generation at build time
  • Tabbed editor interface
  • Ability to bypass D&D actions in object editor and instead use GML directly
  • D&D -> GML conversion is hinted at
  • Major room editor overhaul (zoom, group selection, ability to set some instance data from this view, layers)
  • Default script argument values
  • Split GMK files (useful for team project version control)
  • Total rewrite of networking
  • Native OS dialog boxes

On many points Mike reiterates that a final decision has not yet been made and that discussion both at YoYo and with the development community will be needed before making major changes.

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9 Responses to Game Maker Suggestions List

  1. Phil Blunt says:

    i was really worried when i saw peoples suggestions on gmc. but the above list sounds great.
    one version of gm to compile to multiple formats would make this uk dev use gm alot more.:)

  2. MMs says:

    “# Total rewrite of networking”


  3. SunnyKatt says:

    I’m looking most forward to the new runner.


  4. Mike Dailly says:

    This isn’t our internal list, but the current suggestions from the GMC ( BBGaming and Rusky appear to have made it.

  5. gnysek says:

    More than speed I need less memory usage for sprites… and second question is why reading byte-by-byte image from disk by 39dll and then saving it to another file byte-by-byte is 100x times faster than loading the same image to GM during gameplay? Loading time and memory usage for sprites is #1 to fix in GM 8.1 for me. Other problems can be ommited by proper tips & tricks for advanced GM user.

  6. Bob Hoil says:

    Room zooming would be extremely helpful. It is pretty tough sometimes to find a certain place in a large room if you are placing objects manually.

  7. devilgod says:

    eagerly waiting for Game maker 9..

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