Discussion on Game Maker 8.1

Mike Dailly has created a new subforum on the GMC where you can post your ideas and suggestions about Game Maker 8.1 – you can check it out here.

Mike recently posted his own thoughts on some of the suggested features.

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  • @Zach: On the GMC, there are many topics where people ‘bad mouth’ YYG’s, and complain about the publication deal.

    There is no need for that to spread to the GM8.1 discussion forum, and his request is very fair. Your interpretation of his comments is way off base.

  • At least they are aware that the public opinion of them isn’t the best; hopefully if they deliver a good update they can win the rest of the people back. 🙂

  • I’m in absolute love with the rules:

    “There will be NO bad-mouthing YoYo for any reason.”

    Effectively saying: “Don’t insult us, even if you’re just pointing out a clear flaw in the way we do business, we don’t care.”

    “In these discussions, we really do not care if you don’t like our publishing agreements.”

    Effectively saying: “We really don’t care about you, just your game.”

    It’s hilariously sad.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what’s discussed though.

    However, it’s nice to see they’re trying now.

    • Don’t be such an idiot.

      YYGs is and has been extremely tolerant of criticism on their glog and the GMC. There have been a lot of criticism, and as far as I’m aware it’s not censored, nor moderated.

      Mike is making it perfectly clear that the 8.1 discussion forum is for specific and targeted discussion about 8.1. That forum is not the time nor place for YYG and other bashing.

      You’re being absurd. Cripes you’ve bashed them on the GMC, were any of your comments removed?

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