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on February 6, 2011 - 2726 Views

Jacob Habgood, who has authored two books about Game Maker game development, says in response to a request for a more advanced level book that “it doesn’t seem that ‘advanced’ game maker users … pay for anything”.

Chevy Ray Johnston of Flashpunk has created the Gamestorm blog which features “a collection of doodles, sketches, and scrap-paper designs by game developers around the world”.

IndieBrawl is a new organisation set up to host monthly game development competitions. Their first contest was meant to be announced yesterday but has not yet been launched.

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5 Responses to Weekend Community Links

  1. Naivette says:

    Sheer nonsense. Could he act like a lady and prove it’s true or just fudging around?
    As for me, I think that Mark is just getting older and refuses to take part in some ‘amateur booking biz’ while others are not so competent in GML. That’s it!

    So, instead of false sobbing and lame excuses let the authors make something worthy what ‘advanced’ game maker users… consider paying for! Holly banananoid: why on the Earth one who decently can do GML must pay for some bloody knick-knack as D’n’D?! Why should one buy a ‘book’ where two-thirds or more is worn out D’n’D and hard-pressed hackneyed Help file references?! Blast it.

    (c) 2011 All my words and ideas.

  2. Brent Anderson :Gonna have to shoot some of my own roughs there in the future.


  3. Gamestorm blog is an awesome idea. Gonna have to shoot some of my own roughs there in the future.

  4. Sondar says:

    I enjoyed the Game Maker book, but it was a shame there wasn’t more GML. Also, loving the sketchbook site – really lovely drawings.

  5. Jacob makes a good point.

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