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on April 2, 2011 - 2587 Views

Uriel Griffin has created a world map to which Game Maker users can add their locations. The areas with the highest concentration of members mapped so far are unsurprisingly the United Kingdom and USA.  A similar project started by James Rhodes two years ago is now offline.

Spark Lemon is a recently launched “game developers marketplace” created by Stephen Hoerner and Josh Conley. It enables developers, artists and musicians to upload and sell game resources.

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2 Responses to Weekend Community Links

  1. James Rhodes says:

    Heh, now how did I know there was going to be a comparison there as soon as I saw someone tweet about it on Twitter?

    To be honest, it got transferred over to xot when I sold GMResources to him. As far as I know the only reason it isn’t still up is because the domain was not renewed; the data and code is still all there.

  2. True Valhalla says:

    SparkLemon’s 50% revenue grab made me lol. Pretty hard.

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