First Automatic Update: GameMaker 8.1.69

on April 19, 2011 - 7230 Views

This afternoon GameMaker 8.1.69 (PC only) was pushed out for distribution. The automatic updater built in to the recent GameMaker 8.1 release automatically prompts users to install the updated version of the software.

A large number of bugs have been fixed in what is the first update made using the new distribution system. An option has also been added to allow the new parameter checking system [gmc] to be disabled. This had caused some games created with Game Maker 8 to stop functioning, particularly those which accessed DLLs. Full details are at the official blog and in the release notes.

A number of users have reported problems with GameMaker Standard reverting to the free Lite version and throwing “license verification” error messages, a fix for these should be out “1st thing tomorrow” according to Mike Dailly.

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17 Responses to First Automatic Update: GameMaker 8.1.69

  1. I purchased GameIt curriculum through stem-fuse. It uses Game Maker as the software for the curriculum. I was very excited to find this curriculum as were my students. PROBLEM–we can’t get Game Maker to download on our computers at school. We go through an download and it will stall doing automatic updates. I am guessing that this is due to the network we have on our computers, but not sure what to do to get around it.

    Any advice?


  2. Does anyone know if Game Maker, latest version, is compatible with Windows 7?

  3. RetroDANIEL says:

    What is this?
    An expansion of game maker8 ,or a new game maker that has a pro,and a lite version,or is it a a beta of new game maker???
    Ive got to know what im downloading.
    And in the case that I have the pro for game maker8 will i automaticly have pro in 1.7.1???

  4. SunnyKatt says:

    Urg, even with this update SuperSound still doesn’t work.

    If I have to revert back to 8.0 because of this I will be sad. 🙁

  5. NakedPaulToast says:

    “although being an unpaid “beta tester” gets old sometimes.” –Ray

    You’re not being paid?

    Oh, uh, OK. In that case I’m not being paid either. And, uh, Philip hasn’t been paid either.

    We don’t want any hard feeling out there.

  6. Ray says:

    Lotta weird little changes and problems since leaping to 8.1.

    I could load and run most of my large .gmk projects but one kept crashing at run time till I changed the load order of my assets around and now it works…weird but I’m happy, although being an unpaid “beta tester” gets old sometimes.

  7. xot says:

    Sweet. Upgrade fixed the problem, no key reentry required.

  8. Yay, the license bug has been fixed in 8.1.71.

  9. Mr. Me says:

    Ditto. I’ll have to use another license once an upgrade fixes this problem. I’m going to develop with GM 8.0 until all these problems get fixed. Is the limit still the same for the amount of times we can use the license key?

    • Andrew McCluskey says:

      From what I can tell (I genuinely don’t know), there’s no activation number limit for 8.1. I didn’t experience one and I must have activated 8.1.69 around ten times in a day – I was doing some testing to help Mike/Russell fix the problem (annoying that it came up during my holiday back in England, but a bug is a bug :P).

    • That’s good to hear.

  10. Cameron says:

    Yeah, I had the same license issue. At least they’re fixing it!

  11. My licence couldn’t be verified so I had to you use my key again to upgrade. D:

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