How Online Casinos Are Affecting The UK Gaming Industry

Online Casino

Online casinos appear to be one of the biggest buzz words in the UK gaming industry at the moment, and it is no surprise to see this grow and grow with the implementation of new technologies over the years. In 2016, the UK Gambling Commission reported that online gambling accounted for 33% of all gambling in Britain, which is a combination of online casinos, betting, betting exchanges, bingo and pool betting. It appears that online Read more…

GameMaker Studio Giveaway

True Valhalla from the GameMaker community is giving away a copy of the newly launched GameMaker Studio. Participants in the draw can gain up to two entries by performing actions on his Twitter account and the Facebook page for his major project, Myriad Online. For more details on the giveaway, read the official post at Touch To Start. Competition closes at the end of May, 2012.

Game Review: Reflexions by Juho Pohjonen (iPhone, iPad and Android)

Based on a game with the same name created by Juho Pohjonen back in 2007, Reflexions is a colourful puzzle game and the latest GameMaker game to be published by YoYo Games. Puzzle games are one of my favourite genres and I think well suited for gaming on the move as they do not require the lightening reflexes you are often unable to provide when travelling or taking a few minutes out of your day.

IndieGo Magazine – Commercial “Independent Gaming”/GameMaker Magazine

The first issue of IndieGo Magazine was released at the end of last week.  This paid-for “magazine for independent gaming” costs $1 for a digital .pdf version or $4 for a physical copy.  For a brief period yesterday it was available to download free however I wasn’t aware of that until today! It’s infamously difficult to get members of the GameMaker Community to buy anything so deciding to go along the paid-for route was at best an incredibly Read more…

GameMaker:HTML5 Beta Released

The first publicly available version of GameMaker:HTML5 has been released, a beta, which can be purchased for $79 using a coupon. From Tuesday next week the price will rise to $99 and when the first “full” version is released that will jump to $199. You can buy GameMaker:HTML5 here. Writing on Twitter about today’s release the Game Maker founder Mark Overmars tweeted “If you buy it you get it immediately and can create your first Read more…

indieFunction Publishes 15th Issue and Switches to Fortnightly Releases

The 15th issue of indie(Magazine) has been released (download). The cover feature, a look at the recent Ludum Dare 21 gamejam and competition, sadly featured only recycled content originally posted on the Ludum Dare blog. Several “guest writers” contributed an appraisal of the development of their games, dubbed “postmortems”, which were delivered in various forms. Continuing the issue’s theme there are reviews of the winning Ludum Dare games and a short interview with Marach who Read more…

GameMaker:HTML5 Beta Date Announced

A beta version of GameMaker HTML5, now stylised GameMaker:HTML5, will be made available to those who have registered to take part on September 22nd. During the beta period it will be possible to purchase the full version of GameMaker:HTML5 at the reduced price of $99. Once the beta ends the product will sell for $199. Additional information on the upcoming version of GameMaker has been placed on the YoYoGames website. GameMaker creator Mark Overmars has Read more…

Game Review: Pollushot by Greg Lobanov (iPhone, iPad and Android)

Pollushot gameplay – this player has obviously had a bit of practise! Available for brief period a fortnight ago Greg Lobanov’s Pollushot was officially published by YoYo Games at the end of last week. Pirates vessels spewing pollution into the world must be taken out, by means of a player-controlled slingshot.