YouTube trailer – Mario-Untitled-Game

By far the most imaginatively titled game with the most original and unique concept to be featured on GameMakerBlog. Put simply – what to avoid.

The trailer is terrible, there is no explanation of what is going on at the beginning when it appears a game is being loaded from an over-sized loading screen. The tailer also stops without warning. I don’t think this is worthy of any more words, judge for yourself.

3 Replies to “YouTube trailer – Mario-Untitled-Game”

  • Well some people don’t have any ambition and want to spend the rest of their lives playing mario clones.

  • Yeah, it does a good job at showing the flaws in the game, that’s for sure! It certainly wouldn’t make me want to play the game.

  • That’d be my opinion too, but surprisingly, the comments on the site itself are very.. positive!

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