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Gamemaker T.V.

I returned from a short break today to find that the top post in the community section of the GMC is entitled Gamemaker T.v., so I think to myself, has someone uncovered my mighty unsecret of Umm, no. Instead revelgames have decided to setup Game Maker Television, “a internet show that will review Games, Tutorials, Programs, and Preview W.I.P’s“.

It’s certainly a hot topic at the GMC, and as someone at the forum put it “[Revel Games are going to do] like what GMKing is doing, the Radio Poscasts, but not just audio.” The amazo preview content they have provided consists of a 30 second introduction sequence to the first episode, showcasing a few words appearing in an embedded Windows Media Player applet. As someone else put it “Why not youtube?“. Indeed, why not? Arhh – I see the GameMakerTV username at YouTube is taken, by me!

Wohoo in post 76 the mighty Grego name-drops Thankfully Danny, from the other GMTV, isn’t a newb – so perhaps there the project will actually get off the ground unlike most projects announced in the Community section of the forum. We will have to wait and see.

What do you think?

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  1. no dont give up.
    The show is VERY proffesional looking. proffesionally made.
    Your not a proffesional, and if people took that advice, nothing would ever get done. EVER.
    theyre server is fast. its true, youtube videos get more watchers, but it doesnt look proffesional. but really, the people this series is targeting, is the GMC members, who will find out about it from the posts in the GMC. not youtube.
    Great show revel. Keep it up!

  2. Hello. Im updating you on some info.
    Sorry i broke the link. i took out that “intro video” as it was a test dan gave me.
    Also, the videos will not be in windows media player, as in the future i will be building a custom player using macromedia Flash 8 just like you would see on YouTube or other similar sites.

    And on the down side, This will require alot of work from dan and i will need to put alot of money into this. Domain expires next April aswell as about 130mb left on my free web host. But other then that the website is going great.

    P.S. We dont want to use youtube because we want to have our own style.

  3. The thing on the website wansn’t made in movie maker it was just rendered in a WMV due to size. Eventually people will have the options of WMV, MOV, REAL, all of those in HIGH, MEDIUM, and LOW QUALITY. As for tuntis I dont really care.

  4. I like the use of “GMTV”. First you complain about someone stealing your name and then you compare yourself to a current breakfast show =D

    To you Dan, I advise you don’t use the Windows Movie thingy like is on your site currently. It takes ages to load which isn’t cool. Youtube and it’s like are much better.

  5. My eyes will drop out if it *won’t* be made with Windows Movie Maker including poor voiceovers, the typical dark blue-white text titles and the world’s worst transitions ever.

    Leave it for somebody who actually knows something about video editing.


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