Distributing games: hellhole

Distributing games: the worst section ever. I mean, it used to be good, until somebody decided to ditch their job of moderating it at all. Straight to a list of problems:

  1. No moderation: any topics that are dumb, useless and against forum rules stay alive for days
  2. Nobody updating the pinned topics
  3. 13 year olds asking questions similar to “how do i sold game” or “howdoisuepaypal to sel mi games”

I mean, there used to be good mods for it, checking it out every day, but nowadays it’s just dying. For god’s sake, make the posts pass moderation (not replies), because useless topics fail.

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  • Some people do indeed ask very stupid questions – yesterday I answered a question about how old you had to be to have a PayPal account. It would have been quicker to find the answer than post a topic asking for it.

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