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Apparently GameMaker Blog has been hacked. I wasn’t expecting this at all. It was quite a surprise to read about it.

Everything centers around one post “The Mark Overmars Suicide Cult” which appeared on GameMakerBlog late yesterday, posted by some one calling themselves ‘Jinxtengu’.

The post contains some deeply disturbing suggestions that Game Maker users should sacrifice their lives to Mark Overmars. I certainly do not support the cult nor do I encourage anyone to do so.

Some of you were concerned, the story was even picked up over at gmnews:

The article is quite disturbing, and from the looks of it, there may be a compromise in the blog’s security measures that has allowed this user to gain full access to the blog site. It is unclear whether or not the owner, Philip Gamble, still has any control or Administration status over the blog, however no statement has been issued by Philip yet, nor has the post been removed.


I can confirm that the security of GameMakerBlog has not been compromised. The timing of this article was not good, and the content border-line but I don’t think any real harm has been done by it. The post has since been updated to confirm that it was mearly a political statement (not one I happen to agree with) and nothing more.

Jinxtengu does have permission to write articles for GameMakerBlog – he was given access to the blog a while back, but only recently made his first post entitled “World premier contribution“. His name was not included on the ‘About’ page as at the time I last updated it he had not yet posted. I would not have made this post personally, but as a co-author of GameMakerBlog Jinxtengu certainly has the right to. Sure, I would have preferred it if he had checked with me first as tuntis has done on several occasions, but I can’t change the past.

I am not however denying all responsibility for this post. I did not know it was going to be made, but this is my blog. I control user privileges. In my next e-mail to contributors I will ask that any posts of this nature are approved by me first.

Sorry for any offence caused. But a good deal of you also found it funny.

What do you think?

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  1. It shouldn’t matter if it’s the Internet, TV, newspaper or real life – Jokes like are NOT funny.

    And after seeing the comment you made on the other post, my respect for you has dropped even more

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