Gamemaker Magazine, pt. 2

and the second issue is out, featuring the following:

  • GMM. Interview with Edge and FredFredrickson
  • Tutorial “save with your own file format”
  • Editorials Gamemaker Magazine, What sites to post your game on and what you think should be in the next version of Game Maker
  • The making of “Bloopie” so far
  • Making a GM game that sells
  • Make your games run faster
  • $5 million & YoYo Games
  • Game Maker: ’99 to now
  • Reviews of Magi, Lux, Ark22, Psychosomnism and the now old book Game Maker’s Apprentice (this hasn’t been reviewed by any other magazine to date, right?)

The amount of content totals to 27 pages. While GMM still has a lot of issues with it’s quality; the mediocre outlook, typos and cluttered text without proper section breaks, it still is a lot more promising than Gnazine.

What do you think?

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  1. ok here we go

    Yes, obviously MarkUp, with it’s quality writers, more professional attitude and well proofreaded articles has to be much worse than GMTech, with it’s unprofessional writing, and retarded writers picked off the street!

    and there’s my opinion 😀

  2. That my friend isn’t ‘cheap’ its probably true. Stop bothering GMTech with comments everytime and start working on your own issues.

    Remember these are my own opinions, just like you have the right to post about the Wiki, I have the right to post that – this site is for ‘
    Gamemaker news, comment, discussion, opinion, community news and downloads’ right?

  3. One of the problems is that a lot of the people who work on MU seems to think their magazine is the best GM magazine ever and they can poke at everyone else. The problem is that you have got it all wrong it’s nowhere near as good as GMTech, and you all know it deep inside.

    Rather than trying to release the most issues a year – worry about release good quality issues as GMTech always does.

    Also Robin, what content ideas were stolen from MU?

  4. Robin, you can state that GMT stole ideas for MU all you like, but the fact is, GMT [b]DID NOT[/b](Maybe I should repeat this again…DID NOT) look to MU for ideas. Myself and Rup looked to real PC magazines (I mainly looked at PCWORLD and APC magazine) to see how they formated their articles. I also did research on magazine presentation on a few sites(One was on If MU has similar things to us… WOOPY DO!! you probably looked at other mags as well. So don’t state we stole from you when that is simply a lie.

    Don’t try to cover up MU’s grammar errors, I know that in recent issue there have been quite a lot of them in MU.

  5. So, it’s kinda like this….
    GMTech steals MarkUp’s styling and content ideas, and GMM steals GMTech’s bad grimmer…er…gramme….err…..grammar.

    Sounds fair to me 🙂


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