Game Maker Magazine Issue 3

The April issue of the Unofficial Game Maker Magazine has been released and has been criticised by some for its similar look to the latest issue of GameMaker Tech.

Download GMM Issue 3 (pdf, 8.6MB)

Discussion of GMM Issue 3 to follow.

What do you think?

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  1. Well that is just how it is; if you had a more custom design to it people will comment on how great the design is and how good the content is. I haven’t read through it because I am angry at the fact you completely ripped off the work of GMTech and still released it, knowing people are going to comment on this major fact. How can you say you want to join the ‘big two’ magazines if you just copy there designs.

  2. GMM: The Unofficial GMTech Magazine.

    Seriously folks. While he shouldn’t have released it with such a resemblance to GMT (and those silly jokes up there), I think Mattthew_H has responded well. I hope that Broxter and him work to create something more unique.

    I do feel slightly sorry for you as the actual content has been largely ignored, and it was a lot better than the previous two issues. Plus kudos to Mattthew_H for writing just so many articles.

    Now go create issue 4 (without simply copying MarkUp either).

  3. I sincerely apologise to everyone not happy with the GMT similarities. I can assure you that I will change the design, and I will consider making a public apology.

    I am truly sorry….

  4. I just feel really dearest right now, that only 3 users have complemented us on the content, but Gamez93, i think that your right. but almost 2 months of work and not much good has been said.
    I think that that express the way i feel right now

  5. GMM should be ashamed for what they did. This is a copy of GMTech’s Design. They have not earned their position, they have stolen it. If I had the money to sue them I would, but lucky for them I don’t have that kind of money to do it. They have no right to take what we have worked hard to achieve. Somehow I knew this would happen soon with all the mags appearing. But I didn’t think this one would since they wanted to be a big magazine. Stealing designs to do it is WRONG.

    You have not heard the last of me.

  6. Thanks Broxter, I wonder if it was too simmiler to GMT’s posts πŸ˜€
    Sorry, that was stupid to say and to post, but more of a quiet joke…

    But, yes, i am really sorry GMT… As the staff will read in the E-mail that i send them soon (,probably tomorrow).

  7. I am going to have a (article type) Apology in issue 4 of GMM.
    Also, I have posted here and on the GMC that we are sorry, but i understand if you don’t think that, it is not enough…..
    I am deeply sorry though. I hope that we could go back to writing and publishing our Magazines…..
    But i assure you, promise & give you my word that the layout for issue 4 will not be repeated in the style that it has been.

    I understand that many users are angry with us, but please, could you say something about our articles or something that me & the other GMM staff have been working on for more than a month now??

    I feel that we have lost many readers form this incident.

    And i agree with you GmJab, I should have and will say something if i think that it is too close to another magazines layout and/or design.

    I will make sure that it “never” happens again.

    I still feel bad that I am responsible for this and that a public apology is not enough.
    I will take my role as owner of The Unofficial Gamemaker Magazine to keep this from happening, Ever again with my publication.

  8. I am Sorry Gmjab and all of GMT, but the layout was simmiler to Gamemaker Technolaey Magazine, I am sorry, But i did not make the lay out, but that is no excuse.

    I feel really bad about it, We have a completely different design of layout for issue 4, I promis, this I’ll not happen Again. I assure you.

    I will even make the new design if it resembles GMT again, I am dearly sorry.

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