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Fake Fred Fails – GMC attitude stinks

An immature GMC member has created an account with the username ‘FredFrederickson‘ which he was using to impersonate GMC global moderator FredFredrickson. This post is not written however to give attention to such stupidity of attention seekers, but instead to the attitudes of other community members including a moderator.

After a good deal of confusion between members who quickly spotted the fake and those who were unable to stop the multiple discrepancies between the accounts of the fake and real Fred the topic descended into a ground for jokes, some of them homophobic and racist.

Finally after the idiot had solicited 100 replies moderator Takagi wrote “This topic is full of fail. Here’s his IP address if you guys are interested in haxx0ring him: Enjoy.” How immature, I expected better of someone with a position of responsibility at the GMC.

Play with idiots become an idiot?

What do you think?

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  1. Why the fuck are you guys arguing with this failed troll? If everybody had just ignored him, you wouldn’t find yourselves associating with this shit puddle on this particular blog.

  2. I agree with Tuntis. And yes, I may not myself be homosexual, but I do know people who are, and trust me, they wouldn’t quite find it as a ‘joke’ as you do!
    Also, someone in my class is a Muslim, and I am sure that they would also take offense.

    I am positive that there would either be someone of a Homosexual preference on the GMC or/even and a Muslim, too.


  3. Immature eh?
    It seems you are the one who is immature.

    1) I didn’t post any of the jokes. That was ZiggyX200

    2)It was a joke. If you actually read the topic after my first post, It just descended into a sort of ‘lounge’ topic (see WP)

    3) No-one got hurt, and to those poor gays and Muslims out there, the Muslim joke was just a Joke, and the text “you are a homo” is not offensive. To anyone.

    Get a life Phil!

  4. I was gonna say something (it seriously takes an idiot to not notice the guy was a fake), then remembered the rule stating you get banned if you reply to the spam. The topic had been reported so I did exactly what the rules say to do – nothing.

    The topic and its replies make for amusing reading, although you’re absolutely right, it is somewhat immature.

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