Free upgrade to Game Maker 8 for GM5, 6 & 7 users?

yyg-gamemakerThe GMC’s grasp of economics is, like their common sense and logical thinking, so often lacking.

The question of whether registered users of Game Maker will get a free upgrade to Game Maker 8 once again reared its head at the GMC and unlike previous postings the topic has remained open.   Mark Overmars previously enabled holders of a Game Maker 5 key a free upgrade to Game Maker 6 and then YoYo Games enabled these users to convert to GM7 free of charge.  Most posters however realised that it makes sense for YoYo to charge for GM8 as there has to be a limit to the free upgrades and as YoYo Games have not received any revenue from people who upgraded version 5 or 6.

Several users mentioned that is a high trafficked website (currently ranked 12,530th most popular in the world at and hence decided that therefore YYG must be making a profit from the advertising placed on the site. This is naive. It has been widely reported that YouTube, ranked third in Alexa, does not make a profit.  YouTube has Google, a multi-billion dollar corporation, to support it.  YoYo Games does not.

Thomas wrote:

1) YYG can once again allow GM users to upgrade for free. This is becoming almost highway robbery. Imagine if Microsoft allowed you to upgrade Windows for free as long as you originally had Windows 98.
2) YYG can charge for the update. They will make a lot of money and many of us will be happy to pay for it. Something along the lines of $20 is a negligible amount, and the proceeds would help make GM better.

before Yourself added:

You forgot the part where a handful of really loud people go totally ape**** because they falsely believed that they’re entitled to an eternity of new features and support because they paid $20 once.

and then true to form one of them came along shortly.

It is quite an interesting decision that must be made by YoYo and I believe they will and should choose to charge for Game Maker 8.

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  • This is in my opinion, Gamemaker should sell the program for a 3 day pro version trial then if like, you can buy it for thirty dollars. Instead of repaying every time there is a upgrade, a nominal fee of ten to fifteen dollars could be paid instead.

  • “Please make it free cuz hackers hack it in a matter of days, and there is no point of paying the download when you can download the crack.”

    Yeah, except it’s ILLEGAL, which means you could go to jail or pay a large fee, or both.

    (‘gratz on understanding piracy laws…)

  • Shut up you idiot(to tuntis)! Look what you do!!! Some crazy shit!!! Hey ppl look at his website…! Conversation ended!

  • I would pay for GM every time it upgraded full price because-
    a) Its only $20- $25 now.
    b) Its good enough to MAKE it worth it.

  • Are you serious? Are you honestly this dense? “There’s no point in making commercial software because it’ll be pirated?”

    That’s seriously one of the stupidest comments I’ve read on this blog so far. How is there “no point in paying for it”? Since when is software piracy legal? What if YYG provides some kind of extra functionality for legit GM users? How do you expect them to make any money if they just give away Game Maker for free?

    Somebody should come and take the keyboard away from you, nitwit.

  • veeti… you are an idiot. Im just pointing out that there is piracy over GM, and that there is no point if paying for it… I dont want to argue with you… i dont have the time for that… and you dont have the brains…

  • “Please make it free cuz hackers hack it in a matter of days, and there is no point of paying the download when you can download the crack.”

    That must be the reason why commercial software exists. Are you an idiot?

  • Philip Gamble :
    someone has come here via the GMC I see…

    Well Mr. Gamble, some people sometimes need help with something. You would need help to lift 10 people, would you?

  • Please make it free cuz hackers hack it in a matter of days, and there is no point of paying the download when you can download the crack. … WHAT!!! No im not using it. I have Lite…
    Im missing 25 bucks…

    HE heh

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    You: “Do i get paid?”
    Me: “No there is no pay, only you contribute help for making the game.”
    You:”DO i get something than?”
    Me:”Why of course! I will write you name, nickname whatever in the game credits.”

    PS: Im not insane!
    PSS: Realy!!!
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    PSSSS: Oh look here it is.
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  • I am a registered user of GM 7. I’m not sure what they’re going to do. If it was me I would make them pay for the new version, but It’s not and i am pretty poor my self!

  • They shouldn’t charge if the update was as useless as 6 to 7. I haven’t ever registered but if 8 is truly better than previous versions I might register.

  • I don’t think that they should charge the full amount for an upgrade but definitely charge some money for an upgrade.

  • Yourself said that, not Chronic. He also said that in response to me, so feel free to link to what I posted.

  • i think it´s a good idea, but there will always be people that download cracks and serials for free in the internet

  • Well all gm8 is gonna have is a new image editor. So use the lite edition of it, that always has the editor on

  • The best way would be for everyone to pay full price. Even if it doesn’t have new features… because that won’t happen. It’s a new version. Having new features is what defines a new version.

  • I don’t even have a job (dang economy), AND I still think they should charge. Provided, as Joerdgs said, it has a few new features.

  • As long as GM8 is going to introduce some real new features and capabilities, I see no reason why they shouldn’t charge for it.

  • Lol, you guys must be really dry on news. I am actually just wrapping up an economics too.


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