Public Game Maker 8 Beta “not far away”

Sandy Duncan has revealed that a “GM 8 Beta is not far away….”.   The statement was made in a response to a question by Polish student Piotr Gnys on Twitter.

A preliminary list of features for Game Maker 8 was only revealed a couple of days ago so the news may come as a surprise to some.


Then again it all depends on your interpretation of ‘far’.  The latest official word on a planned release date is “during or after the summer” given by Mark Overmars in March. Unlike the beta versions of the C++ runner and Game Maker 7 for Mac which were released to a small private group of testers Sandy has said that the Game Maker 8 beta will be public.

If you don’t understand how Twitter works the screenshot above may confuse you.  Either way you can still follow Game Maker Blog on Twitter!

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