Second Game Maker 8 beta Released

Game Maker 8 The second beta version of Game Maker 8 has been released and can be downloaded from the Mantis bug-tracker.

The feature list remains that same as for the first beta, which was released at the start of July, however there have been a number of small additions and some bug fixes and changes which are listed here.

Games created with the first beta are not compatible with the second due to optimisation of the saving and loading procedure which resulted in a change to the file format of saved games.

Additions include:

disk_size(drive) Returns the size of the indicated drive in bytes. drive must be a capital letter, e.g. ‘C’. If you do not provide the drive the drive of the current working directory is used.
disk_free(drive) Returns the amount of free space on the indicated drive in bytes. drive must be a capital letter, e.g. ‘C’. If you do not provide the drive the drive of the current working directory is used.

gamemaker_version The version of Game Maker. This is an integer. For version 8.0 this can be anything between 800 and 809. For version 8.1 this will be something between 810 and 819, etc. So never check a particular version but better check for a range. This variable is not available in version before 800.

What do you think?

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  1. i cant download the program . the download page say’s

    The connection was reset

    The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

    * The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few

    * If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network

    * If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
    that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.


  2. @BossGames

    You still can’t. Even though the inital game was created in GM7, if you save it in GM8 BETA and compile it as an .exe, GM8 BETA will still tag on the I Understand label since the game was run/compiled in GM8 Beta. You will have to wait until GM8 Release comes out.

    -Also, I hope you copied that .gmk somewhere else before you saved it in GM8, because if not, that message will be permanant until you re-save it in GM8 release.

    and @Raj, sorry about your experience. I hope when you said that you contacted the developers about the program, you didn’t think they are in charge of the product serials and troubleshooting it. Softwrap is in charge of it. I got a response from them 12 hours later. And about the 64bit problem, many (if not, most) programs won’t work 100% on Vista 64-bit. It has already been stated that GM7 isn’t fully compatible will x64. Sorry guy.
    The reason most of us can talk about a new version of it is either one of the following:

    1. New version are usually made to replace old versions.
    2. We had no problem with the old version, but prefer to use the newest.
    3. We had problems with the old verion, but we believe the newest version will fix them.
    4. We are committed memembers of the Game Maker society and we don’t bash it because of a problem that hasn’t or can’t be resolved.

  3. i know i make a game in GM7 pro
    and then i open gm8 beta 2 and save the game that i make in GM7
    what do i need to do now?
    i cant release my new game that i make in “GM8″(that i make it in GM7)

  4. The first week of may 2009 I registered GM7 for the pro version. The result: GM7 didn’t work. After 22 emails send to all emails addresses found in the confirmation email I never got an answer or response from the guys who sell GM7. So, there’s obviously no support for this program from the maker or reseller. They take your money and give a damn if it runs or not. How can people talk in this blog about a new version if the old version doesn’t run on windows Vista 64bit (and no support in getting it running?) and leaving the customer in the cold?
    That’s my experience with this program.

  5. I highly request Game Maker to change its font system. It can’t draw Chinese text since GM6. And GM8 is even worse. The script editor can’t recognize 2-bytes Characters such as Chinese.

    My only choice is to abandon GM until a new font system is implemented …

  6. Hicaro, with all due respect, updating something does not require that you make it ‘purdy’. Particularly when said product’s interface is already awesome, and doesn’t need any purdification.

  7. U_U this version of game maker,looks equals the version 7.0, I am very disappointed, there is nothing new in the interface.

    did your not read the suggestions for the game maker 8?.or you change the interface for the final version? if someone can answer me.

  8. ARRRRR. The MINUTE I go to practice my Guitar, and stop watching all the GM Sites like a hawk, some thing happens :/

    I am glad though that they really got on the stick and are working to get this put soon 🙂

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