Which of these Game Maker 8 logos do you prefer?

I stumbled across four entries submitted to the Game Maker 8 logo contest uploaded to the Flickr account of Sandy Duncan.  Presumably these have made the final.  The competition rules stated that there would be five runners-up so perhaps the winning entry is absent.

Click on the thumbnails below to view the logos.

[nggallery id=4]

[poll id=”8″]

NOTE:  This poll was closed as soon as the winning logo was announced.

All images copyright of their creators unless they have been awarded first place in which case they belong to YoYo Games.

What do you think?

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  1. Why change the logo? I was very satisfied with the old one. Shows what Game Maker is. A simple tool that people can use. Then the shine to the ball might mean something along the lines of the professional aftertouch that skilled users can give a game.

    The switch to a green ball would be nice though.

  2. Hi
    Wow,really Negative Votes.
    Im the One who designed the first Logo.Actually the Jelly Man.
    Im Using Gm since version 4
    and I find it a Flexible and Strong Tool so I choose the Jelly Material and the BIG Hammer for the Logo, and decided to make a character for it (I mentioned that the Most users of Gm are Teens)as a remembrance of old 2D Classical Games(Super Mario,Pacman, . . .etc).
    so I created the Jelly and posed him as a designer(pencil and papers) to design the feature Games,and use the Green Theme for requested similarities with Yoyogames Brand itself.

  3. the CD cog & g-yo-yo still have something, the smiley is crap and the happy man is not appropriate for game maker, but ND’s logo’s are WAY better

    oh elmernite : you’re link is broken

  4. @ND, BSoftware
    2 and 3 should have won, the latter as an icon and the former wherever a bigger version is needed: #2’s pixels are glossy and smooth and delicious in hi-res but they might not look impressive when represented by actual pixels. They look professional and communicate the joy (warm colors) of making games (hammer) nicely.

    Btw, the CD logo is good, but it doesn’t fit. Seriously, who releases GameMaker games on CDs?

  5. I’m sorry but these are all hilariously bad.

    If you use any of these I’ll go back to gm5 or something, seriously.
    one more thing: yoyo’s are a toy, and toys are not games. 🙂

    Now get someone not 14 years old and let him/her make a proper logo

  6. I disagree with changing the logo. I believe the logo that Game Maker should be consistent throughout all versions, so a logo of a ball with a hammer, with the handle horizontal and the head facing down. The colour of the ball may change as necessary, to indicate which version(by the way, the colour of the logo did not change from GM6 to GM7).

  7. People have just got used to ball-with-hammer thing, and IMO if it’s going to be changed new logo must have at least something familiar with old one, or it’d feel like completely different program. If I’d be placed before an ultimatum to choose among these ones I’d choose 3rd, because it’s the most “neutral” in my opinion. I definitely like first one, it’s the most professional looking here, but it’s not suitable for GM. Yes, it has hammer, but overall plot of icon and idea is much different from what we have not, it just doesn’t feel like it’s Game Maker. I’d rather not comment 2nd one as it’d be more suitable for more lame and childish game-making-program. The 3rd… As I said that one looks most neutral to me and I personally don’t like subjective things on public logos. And 4th, it’s really encircled around YYG’s name. I don’t think that it is a nice practice for company to translate it’s name or anything onto their products. It’s rather lame. Besides, 4th logo looks very simplistic and (sorry) poor in quality, at least when compared to other entries. In summary: first is the best, but no one suits GM much, on that same level as an old red sphere was. I would refrain from voting for now.
    P.S. I’m a bit surprised that anyone forgot about GMC logo. Well, IMO it’s the best upgrade old logo can get, that more detailed hammer and forum’s colors. They can be either projected onto greenish sphere or even left untouched – they look great even in the way they are now.
    P.P.S. Congrats to all finalists 🙂 Still, good work people.

  8. I think, old logo must to be symbol of Game Maker forever. The first one is very childlike. I think, it will involve a lot of very noobish little kids (9-10 years old). They will fill YoYo Games by their “games” – just edited examples. The best logo is the number 3. But classic GM logo is forever!
    P.S.: Sorry for my bad English, I am Russian.
    Good luck,

  9. Think logo with smiles all about anything. The first is interesting, but something was not right. Fourth simple, I do not think will look. Most good third. This modern and very subtly recalls yoyogames =).

  10. Danny :@Beneibe
    Most users, like myself, wanted an updated version of the classic iconic hammer that many users have grown to love.

    I had a lot of ideas drawn up in my sketchbook which involved a slightly updated version of the classic logo, but I had to ditch them after I read Sandy post that they wanted something completely different.

    I think some of the people here are exaggerating a little about how poor the finalists are, however. The old logo (plain red ball) sucks. Just about anything would be better than that. The old logo with ball and hammer is just as bad. It’s like “my first Photoshop”. The bevel on the hammer is terrible, and the same ugly red ball persists.

    Forming an opinion about the potential logos is inevitable. But let’s not pretend the existing logo is perfect, or be afraid of a little change now and then, eh?

  11. The 2nd one (cog w/ smiley) is my finalist entry. I don’t really like any of them (yea, mine included :b), mostly by the reasons already stated. Would have loved an 2010ified version of the hammer…

    Note that the logos in the post above are probably not going to show up anywhere in this form, since the finalists were asked to provide several versions of their designs (without text, 32×32 and 16×16). If you’re interested, here are the icon variants of mine: (they aren’t _that_ bad, are they? ;))

    By the way, I’m just a random 15yr old (have a heart hehe) who decided to enter and started throwing something together using the Illustrator demo for like two or three _days_ before the deadline.

    Thanks everyone who voted. (hopefully this poll won’t influence yoyo’s decision too much :b)

  12. I don’t want to seem mean or anything but these four logos don’t really seem fit for Gamemaker’s new logo. The first is too childish, the second and third seem too unprofessional, and the fourth is entirely focused around YoYoGames.

    To be completely honest, I would be happy with an uninventive shiny green ball with a white hammer on it.

  13. @Beneibe
    The negative posts are directed at the lack of quality between all the logos. I think much of it is to be blamed on YoYo Games. Most users, like myself, wanted an updated version of the classic iconic hammer that many users have grown to love. Changing the hammer is like Nike changing their logo from the swish to something else.

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