Wanted! Your 2010 Game Maker Predictions

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22 Replies to “Wanted! Your 2010 Game Maker Predictions”

  • I doubt a Linux IDE will come out soon, but when it does it will be evtremely awesome 😀 Another thing I would like to see is much improved 3d or integrated 3d like U3d or OGRE.

  • I don’t remember my vote from last year, so I’m going to post a reply stating I checked the first (some game on portable device) and last (InstantPlay on other sites) option… done. 😛

    I expect there will be great pressure to port a competition five game to a portable device. InstantPlay on other sites is easy to do and there is a huge demand for this functionality from the community (look at all presented alternatives to InstantPlay). I expect that reducing loss, introducing revenue sharing and porting to other platforms and devices for all games will be hard to achieve for YoYo Games.

  • I feel bad for saying this, but I really don’t think anything is going to happen. I voted for “shown on portable” because I just can’t see any of the other things happening. They haven’t really done anything, have they? Practically everything gets delayed, canceled or ignored. It’s pretty sad.

  • A version of game maker for Linux would be awesome!! I would switch right away, because i don’t like Windows (i hate it) and the only reason why i still use it is because of Game Maker.

  • As much as I feel that YoYoGames promises a lot, I really think that they can have hand-held capabilities by the end of the year. Also, I want that too. 😛

  • I’m hoping “YoYo Games introduce a method of developer compensation”. That would be great for users, but I don’t think it will help them “YoYo Games reduce their annual loss”. But I voted both, so here’s hoping =)

  • @Manyquestions
    There is some kind of glitch in the plugin – am not sure how this happened as it was fine a little earlier. The votes are being recorded okay though and the bars drawn to the correct proportions.
    Edit: I modified the plugin, it should be fixed now.
    Later Edit: My modification had an unexpected consequence. I will attempt a fix later, for now you will just have to put up with it. Thanks for bringing this issue to my attention though.

  • 1, 3, 4, 6, 7.

    1 because the competition makes this intention seem fairly accurate. YYG may be wanting to enter this market also because it would be a good source of revenue
    3 because it would increase the user friendliness towards the Google Ads and attract more users
    4 because of 1 and 3
    6 because I believe the Mac port project will be revived and completed. Linux – doubt it
    7 to attract more people to use YYG as a host.

  • Same :/.

    I voted for portable device, but i hope the annual loss happens for YoYO and Game Maker’s sake.

  • I almost voted everything except the Magazine thing…
    Then I found out, there’s a max of one vote…

    Woop, FIRST vote…

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