Video: 25 Competition 5 Entries

YoYo Games member Big Machine has created a video showing 25 of their favourite entries so far in YoYo Games’ fifth, handheld devices themed, competition.

So far there have been over 250 entries. The deadline for submissions is now just a couple of days away – Tuesday March 30th at midnight GMT.

Links to download all the games featured in the video are below.

I’ve played less than half the games featured in the video and whilst I think some are high quality and in with a good chance of winning there are a fair few with shoddy graphics listed above. Of course often we see some of the best games arriving just a few hours before the contest deadline.

What are your favourite titles from those above? There are plenty of different genres to choose from.

What do you think?

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  1. Wow, didn’t expect to see mine in there either, thanks!
    I tried to keep mine as original as I could.. I would have like to fix the graphics, but I’m not an expert artist.. Now I think about it, there are a few things I would have like to have changed.. But the entry is in now, so we’ll find out soon enough how everyone went. Best of luck to everyone that entered this comp 🙂 I found it a lot of fun working to the tight restrictions.

  2. CowboyKilla is 100 times better than these rip-offs.
    Who would stand up and say Extinction 3d is creative?!?
    Gosh, Don’t be that way YoYo, Pick a creative entry….

  3. I can’t believe that either of my games didn’t make it… CentiBall Mini and Seeds of Time Mini v8. Even though I got honorable mentions from Hrothgar, he stated he was impressed with the last update I did right before the contest deadline… Ahh it figures, if you guys want to take a look at the games, and see what I did for the competition in just under 3 weeks, take a look at this:

    I hope you like them… I put in some killer hours, during that 3 weeks of work…

    email me back at: to let me know what you think…


  4. ‘ey! Mine is in there. =D
    A lot of solid entries that I have played are in this video, and so that means that I might be in with a chance ^^
    O’course, I can’t know what they think about it, since there was only gameplay o-o but at the very least, it’ll get me some more traffic, and that’s good.

  5. Who the heck is DoubleTrouble?
    I am the creator of Ninja Penguin.
    I just checked the link and that’s not my game, Ninja Penguin, that is entered in the competition and shown in the video. That’s a really old 2D game that DoubleTrouble made.
    Please fix that up.
    Blue Penguin.

  6. Kind of upset that my game Ruined isn’t up there. Especially because we were just featured on Jay Is Games, and has over 1000 plays on Game Jolt.

    But that’s okay. Those are all facts and numbers, it’s up to the people’s opinions I suppose.

  7. I really really like Wootman– simple, addictive, fun, replayable. Exactly what I want out of a handheld-type game, with the achievement system going that extra mile.

    Granted, I’m kinda half-rooting for my own entry– as deliberately obtuse as it is– but the other half is rooting for Wootman Zero.

  8. My personal pick for a winning spot, Blackfoot, is in there. Looks and plays really nicely.

    I noticed a couple of the entrants are rather unoriginal. The first one in the video’s almost identical to Jelly Blocks (, Time Wave 2 is like Use Boxmen (, and Block05 is basically a slight variation of all those games where you push a direction and keep moving in that direction until you hit something, just slightly more cumbersome.

    Still, will be interesting to see all the entries come the deadline. I know from the GMC topic there are a lot of good(-looking) games still in WIP stage.

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