YoYo Games Competition 6 Winners Announced

YoYo Games’ sixth competition based on the theme of “Discovery” officially wrapped up today with the three winners announced.

After approximately one and a half months of judging, the three winners were decided on after thorough examination by the YYG judges. The winners are as follows:

First Place ($1000):
The Hive by titusthreex
Mysterious disappearances numbering by the hundreds plagues a once quiet and scenic town. Its up to investigative reporter Alex Rig to discover the answers to the unexplained.

Second Place ($500):
BlackOut by Mark13673
In this game you are an Assessor… A member of an elite secret police force 200 years in humanity`s future. Using all your skills you must discover the truth about yourself, about the people that control the governement and about the future of 15 billion people…

Third Place ($250):
WARP by GraniteGear
A short platform game with 30 levels. Warp yourself to the end of the game through different worlds.

YoYo Games also mentioned that the details for the next competition will be announced in very near future.

What do you think?

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  1. Meh. WARP’s concept has been used already; namely, in Wrapple.
    By ‘already’ read ‘recently’ because I think that’s a better measure of originality then ‘already’.
    The other two are absolutely brilliant though.

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