Game Maker for Mac Updates

Since yesterday there have been 3 updates to Game Maker for Mac taking the current latest release to version 7.5.81.

Game Maker for Mac, which is based on the PC version of Game Maker 7, has a built in update tool which means that it is easier for YoYo Games to push out updates and bug fixes. Despite this functionality there had long been a feeling from some Game Maker for Mac users that the platform had been abandoned since release with many reported bugs remaining unfixed.

Speaking a couple of weeks ago Sandy acknowledged this and said that updates would be on the way. “There are also lots of bugs in the Mac version that we need to fix, we just haven’t had any time. It’s been neglected, we’ve just had other priorities. It would have been fixed and dusted off in the last couple of weeks, it was one of the things that was sacrificed along with 8.1 [for the HTML5 proof of concept]”.

A wide range of bugs have been fixed including issues with sound, the code and sprite editors and debug mode. The updates have been received with approval (and surprise!) from users of the Mac game development tool.

Dangerous Dave: For the first time in months, GM for Mac has an update! Heaps of bug fixes! [t]

Tom Grochowiak: I must say that GM4Mac is starting to get usable. Not yet great, but without glaring critical flaws. [t]

Ted Martens: Holy crap! It looks like they actually fixed the sound issues in the latest update of Game Maker for Mac :O (v7.5.79). [t]

Bugs found in GM4Mac should be reported in sufficient detail at

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