Community Links: Jeph Wacheski, Szczecin GameShow

Quote Unquote, a blog featuring interviews with indie game developers, yesterday posted an interview with Jeph Wacheski. Some of Jeph’s older games were made using Game Maker but now he uses the lightweight zGameEditor.  In the interview Jeph outlines the reasons he favours zGameEditor over YoYo Games’ Game Maker but suggests that he could return to rework some of his older titles, such as LockOn, in order to take advantage of the future cross platform support that Game Maker Studio will offer.

Piotr Gnys has this weekend been showcasing GameMaker at the Szczecin GameShow (PL) in Poland. His stand promoting Polish Game Maker Community GMClan and the Gear-Studio Team projects Alien Territory and Almora Online also showed videos demonstrating the portability of GameMaker. Hopefully we’ll have some footage to share from Piotr in the next few days.

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