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Inspiration for Your First GameMaker Attempt

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So you’ve taken the jump and decided to download GameMaker: Studio. But what are the simplest gaming options for you to take your first steps in game development?

Rather than attempting to match the big development studios by attempting to come up with your own version of Destiny or Overwatch, a better idea is to try and keep things simple.

Many of the biggest mobile gaming hits have come from small independent developers. So whether it’s a simple puzzle game or a basic online casino title, it’s always best to start small and then work your way up.

The GameMaker: Studio software handily has physics engines like Google’s Liquid Fun that can do a good job of replicating real-life motion. And simple browser-based games like Geometry Dash show that it’s often just basic motion and ultra-simple user controls that can deliver a compulsive gaming hit.

The software also has a good cross-platform shader so that your graphics can be easily customised according to your desired style. This means that you can create a number of different games like a casino’s online slots that use a similar gameplay, but wildly different graphics to deliver something for all kinds of different gaming tastes.

However, don’t forget that sound also plays a big part of today’s immersive gaming experience. So whether it’s using 24-bit WAV audio for your sneak’n’shoot title, or fun music on your online casino game, don’t forget to make full use of gameplay sonics.

It’s also become increasingly clear that multiplayer gaming is the future. And the client/server model of GameMaker makes it relatively simple to create something that mirrors the multiplayer games of 8 Ball Pool in a way that means that you won’t be spending all of your time managing the network.

But it’s the multi-platform challenge that often presents the biggest headache for any would-be games developer. Thankfully, the GameMaker: Studio uses a single development workflow so that your simple platformer or advanced casino game can easily be exported to iOS and Android devices, plus there’s also the option of even having your budding gaming hit on next-gen consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

So although it may seem like a daunting challenge, with just a little bit of effort and a touch of inspiration, you could easily be making the gaming hit of tomorrow!

Good luck and don’t forget to get in touch with any projects you are working on so we can get you featured on the blog!

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