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Mobile, Web and UWP released for GMS2

GameMaker Studio 2 Available to purchase

GameMaker Studio 2 Available to purchase

Today YoYo Games have announced the much anticipated release of the Mobile, Web(HTML5) and UWP. The latest products in the all-new GameMaker Studio 2 series.

It comes just two months after the original release of the GMS2 open beta and could prove as the catalyst for a tidal wave of sales – as many users held onto their copies of GM:S 1.4 and its beloved export modules to reach as many platforms as possible with their games.

We’re pleased to see that the original prospective fees haven’t changed either. The current upgrade paths & prices are shown below:

GameMaker Studio 2 GMS2 Upgrade Fees

It’s really great to see these releases so soon after the original open beta and with just the macOS, PS4 & Xbox One products outstanding (the console releases due this quarter, macOS – Q2), the future of the GameMaker Studio software looks very bright indeed.

Still no sign of Nintendo Switch capabilities on the road map though…

With the announcement, Shaun Spalding also highlighted the success of the first ever GMS2 BetaJam and used this opportunity to announce that a second event would run from 3rd to 17th February.  So, starting next week, you’ll have a fortnight to produce the best game you can using the new software. In doing so you’ll be putting yourself in line to pick up some awesome GameMaker swag.

To check out the top 3 games made in GMS2 BetaJam #1 then head over to this post. If you want to read the original announcement by Shaun then check out this blog post instead.

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