50% Discount For GameMaker Studio Pro Upgrades & Export Modules

GameMaker Studio, the popular game development engine used to create titles such as Hotline Miami and the original Spelunky, is currently on sale. For one week only you can get a 50% discount on all upgrades to GameMaker Studio Pro edition as well as additional modules that add support for HTML5, iOS, Android, and more. Details are listed below.

Upgrade From GameMaker Studio Standard To Professional For $25

Following the recent and now expired offer to get GameMaker Studio Standard edition for free, you can now upgrade from the Standard version to GameMaker Studio Professional for a discounted price of only US $25 until January 5, 2014. The normal price to upgrade is $50. To take advantage of this offer, go this page and enter your GameMaker Studio Standard license key, choose ‘Upgrade’, and then checkout.

GameMaker Studio Standard Edition Is Currently Free ($50 Value)

Update: GameMaker Studio Standard is now 100% free permanently, click here for more info ยป [highlight]The promotion below has ended[/highlight] GameMaker Studio version 1.2.1214 was just released, and with it comes an offer to upgrade to the Standard edition free of charge. Valued at $50, GameMaker Studio Standard is a significant improvement upon the free version of the software which imposes harsh restrictions on the resources that developers can make use of.

$10 Studio Upgrade For GameMaker 7 & 8.0 Users

YoYo Games are currently offering owners of GameMaker 7 and GameMaker 8.0 the chance to upgrade to GameMaker Studio Standard for $9.99 as opposed to the usual set price of $49.99. Notably, GameMaker 8.0 is specifically mentioned so GameMaker 8.1 users may not be eligible for the discounted upgrade. Mike Dailly, head of development at YoYo Games, suggested the offer was being made to “help those who will be effected by the Softwrap shut down.” Read more…

YoYo Offers 60% Upgrade Discount on GameMaker

YoYo Games have offered a $199 USD upgrade option for those using GameMaker Studio: Professional who want to upgrade to the Master Collection, allowing users to save 60% on the base price of the Master Collection. The offer lasts until the 31st of March 2013. The YoYo Games website is promoting the deal to mark the 2013 Game Developers Conference held in San Franciso. Some GameMaker users are claiming the promotion is actually the result Read more…

YoYo Under Fire for “Unfair Pricing”

YoYo Games has been criticized for imbalanced pricing of the GameMaker: Studio Master Collection following the recent launch of the Ubuntu module. GMC member Jobo, who owns a copy of GameMaker: Studio Professional and has been a member of the official community forum for five years, accused YoYo Games of not taking care of those who purchased the software early after its release. He argued that those in his situation would now have to buy Read more…