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YoYo Offers 60% Upgrade Discount on GameMaker

YoYo Games have offered a $199 USD upgrade option for those using GameMaker Studio: Professional who want to upgrade to the Master Collection, allowing users to save 60% on the base price of the Master Collection.

The offer lasts until the 31st of March 2013.

The YoYo Games website is promoting the deal to mark the 2013 Game Developers Conference held in San Franciso. Some GameMaker users are claiming the promotion is actually the result of mounting pressure to provide an upgrade path for those who purchased an early copy of GameMaker: Studio Professional. Mike Dailly, head of development at YoYo Games, actively argued against a secondary promotion during earlier debates.

Earlier this month, GameMaker Community member Jobo said he felt “stepped on” after claiming YoYo Games had turned their backs on those who spent several hundred dollars purchasing the Professional edition of GameMaker: Studio, before the Master Collection was released.

YoYo Games did in fact offer those who owned the Professional edition of GameMaker: Studio the chance to buy all modules to get a “no cost” license upgrade to the Master Collection in October 2012. Following the release of the new deal, Jobo has since purchased the $199 upgrade and has encouraged others to not miss out.

Despite YoYo Games offering the deal, not everyone is impressed.

“For me, this upgrade is bad value. I own every export except the Linux one, and thus paying £130 for the Master Collection instead of £59 is mad.” Jack Indie Box said, a GameMaker Community member.

Owners of the Master Collection receive free modules as they become available, such as the Ubuntu exporter added to GameMaker this month. For this reason, other versions of GameMaker: Studio will continue to increase in cost over time as more modules are released. Those who do not upgrade now may have to pay significantly more in the future.

What do you think?

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  1. “This was an already planned Master Collection sale (our site only), but after the discussions – and as promised, we considered allowing “upgrades” as well to those who already own at least Pro. […] why not grab the massive discount now!” – Mike Dailly, YoYo Games

    I completely agree in that it’s a massive discount, and I just had to take this deal. It’s an invaluable chance – possibly a once in a lifetime offer. YoYo Games listened and reacted, and I’m grateful for that.
    I voiced my concerns with a lot of great people both openly and silently backing me and together we made it happen. It would be rude towards YoYo Games not to upgrade.

    I’ve paid $700 + VAT for my Master Collection, but now I finally have it. It’s more than $500 but it’s also less than $900 and $1000, so I’m definitely happy.

    It was a fun little adventure this pricing rebellion!

  2. How can someone not be impressed? If this is a bad deal to someone because they have most of the exports, they already have enough money and should stop complaining.

    Everyone should congratulate Jobo for convincing YoYo to make this happen!

  3. Thanks for making this known.
    I was mad when Steam put the Master Collection down to $250 and I had just bought Professional + HTML5 for $200 (3 days before the Steam sale). To buy the rest of the exports I’d have to spend $700, so $199 to upgrade seems like my only option. On one hand its a good deal, on another I got royally screwed to start and YoYo wouldn’t help at all.

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