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GameMaker Forums Hacked…Again

In what is becoming a routine occurrence, the official GameMaker community forums have been hacked yet again. The forum’s homepage was defaced, and other parts of the forum were rendered completely inaccessible.

It appears as if YoYo Games, the company who are developing the GameMaker program, quickly closed the forum to limit further damage, though as the attack is reportedly a zero-day exploit it may be difficult for them to isolate the vulnerability and prevent additional defacement.

Game Maker Blog recently interviewed the hacker who was responsible for a prior attack which compromised the usernames, emails, and plain text passwords of over 200,000 forum members. We’ve confirmed that the same hacker is responsible for today’s attack, and he has claimed that he has (again) downloaded the forum’s database.

What do you think?

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  1. I find this kinda funny. Don’t get me wrong this is horrible, but a company that gets hack twice within one month makes me laugh. TV, I know it’s not your fault, “You’ll see if they notice” could mean anything. YoYo Games must be getting a real kick to the face, realizing that their security has a flaw somewhere. Maybe they can rebuild the forums? Or something, because things like this could continue.

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