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Who Owns YoYo Games?

Ever wondered exactly who owns YoYo Games? According to reports filed annually over the last several years, Mark Overmars doesn’t personally own any shares!

Mark Overmars, the creator of the original GameMaker, was not directly cited as being a shareholder, however The GameMaker Company (which Overmars owns) appears to hold 525,000 shares (23.86%).

YoYo Games CEO Sandy Duncan predictably holds the biggest stake, commanding 1,000,000 shares (45.45%) of the company. CTO Russel Kay, and Mike Dailly, head of development, each have 50,000 shares to their respective names (2.27%). The findings are an interesting contrast compared to a similar report published by the Game Maker Blog in 2008.

YoYo Games LTD was established in 2004. In October of 2006, the company’s assets minus liabilities were around £9,500 which equates to roughly $14,500 USD today. In more recent years, online reports suggest that the book value of the company is -£343,375 (-$526,702 USD) due to £442,661 owed to creditors. The findings do not yet reflect figures in the last year, a period in which the company crucially released their flagship product GameMaker: Studio.

Other shareholders have current and previous ties to a range of services and companies including: Amazon, Hasbro,, Gekko, Apple, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, UBS, Barclays Wealth, Citibank,, and Realtime Worlds.

Unfortunately, representatives from YoYo Games were unavailable to comment on these figures, though the data is based on publicly available information from the period of late 2010-2011, and is considered accurate.

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