GameMaker Studio – Giveaway #2

on March 25, 2013 - 27486 Views

Following the success of our previous giveaway, we’re giving away another free copy of GameMaker: Studio Professional by YoYo Games to another lucky reader, worth USD $100.

With people now making a living using GameMaker: Studio this flexible engine is becoming more and more valuable to game developers across the world. However, not everyone can afford to purchase GameMaker: Studio, so we wanted to continue to give back to the community by giving away a brand new license key.

How To Enter

Entering is easy! You can get up to two entries to the draw, the winner of which will be announced April 4th 2013. To gain entries, simply complete the tasks below and you’ll be automatically in the draw!

Ticket 1:

– Like the official GMB Facebook page
– Like and Share this linked status (make sure it’s a public Share or we can’t see it)

Ticket 2:

– Follow us on Twitter @GameMakerBlog
– Retweet this linked tweet

Be sure to leave a comment at the end of this post to let us know you’ve entered!

The purpose of the social media element is to make this giveaway viable and give as many people the chance to enter as possible.

We’ll host more giveaways like this in the future, so be sure to check back frequently! Thank you for visiting Game Maker Blog.


This giveaway is sponsored and fully paid for by Touch To Start. Check out the newly released book Making Money With HTML5.

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143 Responses to GameMaker Studio – Giveaway #2

  1. Sean T. says:

    Entered with both tickets. Fingers crossed!

  2. Byron Crowhurst says:

    Entered both tickes. Good luck everyone 😀

  3. Jacob says:

    Entered via both

  4. Rhythm says:

    Entered via both tickets. Good luck everyone

  5. Enlik Tjioe says:

    I’m just entered this awesome Game Maker giveaway via Facebook and Twitter.
    Hopefully i can get it 🙂

  6. Raúl says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  7. Arek says:

    Entered via both tickets. Thanks and good luck to all.

  8. Richie says:

    Entered via Facebook & Twitter, good luck everyone!

  9. Alexander says:

    Entered! Hoping to use Game Maker a lot in my near future.

  10. Gabe says:

    Nice giveaway concept, hoping I win!

  11. Ben says:

    Entered via Facebook and Twitter. As a student and aspiring game developer, I feel that I would greatly benefit from this! Thanks and good luck to all!

  12. Niviath says:

    Entered via facebook and twitter, thanks for this awesome give away!

  13. Desiderantes says:

    Done, / Desiderantes and twitter @Desiderantes

  14. Threef says:

    I am in!

  15. Isaiah Gilliland says:

    Liked and liked!

  16. Anthony says:

    I’ve entered via Facebook and Twitter!

  17. sean says:

    Entered with facebook and twitter!

  18. Brian says:


  19. Katie says:

    entered via twitter

  20. James says:

    Shared on facebook and retweeted…

  21. Andre Roberge says:

    Liked, shared, following and retweeted. Next making a game?

  22. erik says:

    Entered. good luck everyone.

  23. Ken says:


  24. desertpunk12 says:

    Im Gonna try it I’ve been wishing to have game maker studio.

  25. Nick says:

    Good luck everyone!

  26. Alex Hirsch says:

    I entered via Facebook, Twitter, and I’ll even enter anywhere else, too. It’s good to get the word out and I’d love to win for myself!

  27. Donal says:


  28. Dylan Braithwaite says:


  29. 6Leinad6 says:

    aaaaand I’ve entered. Maybe I’ll win this time

  30. Matthew W. says:

    Entered using both twitter and facebook. Thanks for the oppertunity!

  31. Leandro Saccoletto says:

    Entered with facebook

  32. Gary Murphy says:

    Entered via Facebook. =D

  33. Felipe Nanni says:

    Entering! Thanks for the opportunity!

  34. Michael says:

    I entered.

  35. jerom says:

    Entered (2d ticket only) !

  36. Benoit Rainville says:

    Aaaand it is on! Hope you guys get a lot of traffic from this since you are giving out free stuff!

  37. Kevin Condori says:

    Entered with twitter! 😀

  38. Sam Batista says:

    I registered via facebook and twitter. This would really make it easy for me to drop Flash and target the HTML5 mobile market. I have your book but as a flash developer I’ve found it difficult to make the leap from Actionscript to JS. A free license for Game Maker would be super sweet ^.^

  39. Both tickets in. Crossing fingers I get this!

  40. mmoDust says:

    Done, done, done, and done =)

  41. David Shepherd says:

    Entered via Twitter

  42. CodiferousMeng says:

    Entered. 😀 I missed the last gamemaker give away and am actually pretty excited by this one. Good luck everyone.

  43. Bailey Smith says:


  44. Daniel Hrabovcak says:

    I entered. This is really great. With the rising price of GameMaker, it is less accessible to younger people, where the potential really shines. Good luck to everyone else!

  45. Joshua S. Fields says:

    Following and RT’d. @einsteinsarcade

  46. CNIAngel says:

    Entered! GM is turning into a great tool.

  47. Overloaded says:

    Wow, a second giveaway! Thanks so much for this and good luck to everyone who is participating! Liked/Shared and Followed/Retweeted!

  48. Entered via Twitter! 😀

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