GMC funny moment

on May 17, 2007 - 2212 Views

Funny moment of the ((‘week’) OR (<insert time period here if I am too lazy to find one every week>!))

Courtesy of Grego from the GMC,

GMC member: That isn’t exactly helpful, What did it try to download?

Grego: I decided not to find out surprisingly. I just find the idea of unexpected things trying to download themselves off of a website which I’ve never seen before a tad…unnerving.

Yes, quite. Unnerving indeed.


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2 Responses to GMC funny moment

  1. Grego says:

    Wow! Go me. I feel so proud to be mentioned.

    Though it turned out that it was just IE 7 screwing up as normal 😛

  2. Robin Monks says:


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