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One of the sites I promised to take a look at quite a while ago now was Each month a script from GMLScripts is featured in MarkUp, and the site was also suggested for mention by a reader of this blog.

GMLScripts currently contains over 100 scripts for use in Game Maker, and the number is rising as new scripts are frequently added. The scripts are well organised under categories and sub-categories and have good descriptions – crucial in enabling you to find a script quickly. The scripts, which are commented, can be viewed online or downloaded as a .gml file. The design is clean and very easy on your eyes, in fact their are no major problems with the site at all.

As with many sites GMLScripts is driven by its community who provide scripts for inclusion on the website. If you’re interested you can submit your own scripts to the database to help build up the resource for other Game Maker programmers.

I personally haven’t made use of when looking for help with a bit of scripting, my favoured method is normally Google search – but perhaps if enough scripts get added this can be the site people first think of when looking for a script.

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  1. Leif902 says:

    Yahoo… I love this site… great resource, submitted many of the scripts myself. Hope this gets it a little more traffic and some new contributors.
    – Leif

  2. Eyas says:

    great article, gmlscripts is a great resource. I’m surprised no one commented so far.. I personally wouldn’t have thought of commenting actually, the reason I did is becasue I wanted to share this link:

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