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Over the past couple of days there have been a few minor changes to GameMakerBlog. These were mostly regarding the pages included in the main site navigation. Hopefully things should be simpler and more to the point now.

In 6 months GameMaker blog has published almost as many posts as GMNews have in their entire 19 months online, with an average of 21 posts per calender month here.

I will be offline for a week (hopefully I will last the week!) from Monday. Hopefully I can bully Grego and tuntis into posting more often,….

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3 Responses to Linkchanges

  1. tuntis says:

    yeah yeah i’ll be commenting on the next markup

  2. Robin Monks says:

    *random boot licking*

  3. Grego says:


    Ready to work, sire!

    I tend to leave the work to you due to your general amazingness 😉

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