World premier contribution

on January 25, 2008 - 2138 Views

Hello girls and boys. Welcome to my world premier contribution to the GM blog. Unfortunately due to the FACT that I’m rather busy At the moment, drawing phony moustaches on my own face, I don’t have time to write anything specifically. However what I can do is provide a link to a 3 page article I wrote earlier today, courtesy of the game maker community. It is my thoughts on a subject related to something very different indeed. Bon-appetite.

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3 Responses to World premier contribution

  1. AKH says:

    “I read the first letter Spotty had typed; “H”. How it rolled off the tongue. Almost the perfect way to begin any piece of writing. Suddenly It dawned on me, like some horrible anthropomorphic smiling cartoon used to endorse a product named “wanker delights”, this was no mere spotty I was dealing with, this had to be the work of a highly advanced socio-political entrepreneur.”

    That was funny.

  2. Jinxtengu says:

    Wohoooooooooooo a winner is meeeeee!

    On a more serious note, I consider myself more of a Game designer than a spanner or wrench.

  3. BlaXun says:

    Great…now spammers write blogs :I

    Wohoo! This blog is t3h w1n!!!!111!!

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