under attack

on March 23, 2008 - 4103 Views

The most popular “instant play” style website besides YoYoGames, GMArcade, has been under attack and is once again looking to upgrade their servers.

“First of all, I would like to apologize to you for todays downloading and online play downtime. We had someone continuously download a file over 125,000 times. This is also why the server seemed slow yesterday. The “hackers” ISP has been notified of their server abuse.”
Matthew Kremer

The site now contains 50 games, and the site is continually being developed with one of the more recent additions being a blog feature.

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12 Responses to under attack

  1. HomebrewPC says:

    I know, I am negotiating with a graphics designer.

  2. Well, if you actually are the hacker, you’re pretty much screwed buddy. You didn’t cover it up at all, and I’ve already contacted your ISP. Want proof? You live in Meriden, CT, and have been with SBC Global since 2004.

    As for this blog post, I’m glad it is a lot less hostile than the last one. And we are not necessarily looking to upgrade our servers quite yet, as we redid the icon system which was the main reason for the slow down.

    We have also redid the main page and added categories, feel free to check it out!

  3. Anomonyous Hacker says:

    This is a rival website. I want to steal it’s code and destroy it. I will continue my spree of slowdowns.

  4. Faltzer says:

    You seriously need to redo that design though.

    Also hacker, fail less and proxy more.

  5. Rusky says:

    osakit would cost money for gmarcade. I thought it looked cool though.

  6. BrandMan211 says:

    It’s not using it right now.

  7. Faltzer says:

    Just an example; I see no other sites using it.

  8. BrandMan211 says:

    I wouldn’t mention Games for Free; it doesn’t seem like that project is going to be revived anytime soon. In the meantime, I hold the license.

  9. Faltzer says: uses Osakit. GMA though doesn’t seem to do the best of jobs with embedding. I be looking at his .class files and… =/

  10. Faltzer says:

    Teehee, your Java .class files are belong to us.

  11. Faltzer says:

    Has anybody here actually tried Osakit?

  12. tuntis says:

    Why does somebody even want to take them down?

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