New GMTV Video, Out of Time

on April 29, 2009 - 2721 Views

  • GMTV, who recently split from GMKing, have released their first mini-episode: a video review of Iji.
  • Only one day to go before GMArcade’s Time Contest stops accepting entries

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5 Responses to New GMTV Video, Out of Time

  1. scoz says:

    To be fair, it makes sense to review Iji first. It’s very iconic of what is achievable in gamemaker (albeit with years of dedication 😛 ). It makes the first video “special”. If the video came at any otheer time in GMTV’s lifespan it would just look like they were struggling for content. However, by using it as an initial revew, it gives us, the consumer, a good idea of what to expect format wise from future reviews.

  2. Elmernite says:

    Yeah, it’s never to late to play, but a video review?
    Don’t get me wrong! The game deserves all the attention it can get. I’m not questioning that. I’m questioning the decision to review a pretty old game for a GMTV show. Everything in the review was old news. Even if the game deserves it, it makes for a boring show. It would have been different if a old but very little known game had been reviewed; Iji is hardly a little known game.

  3. Tom Russell says:

    Elmernite: art is forever. It’s never too late to grapple with it.

  4. Elmernite says:

    A little late for a review of Iji. That game has been out a while.

  5. GMArcade says:

    Thanks for the mention Phil 🙂

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