GMVision Episode 1 Released

on May 25, 2009 - 3029 Views


Episode 1 of Joshua Pedroza’s GMVision has been released on time (scroll down to watch).

The show has been in the works for a long time after originally being started started following disagreement between Josh and the creators of established Game Maker video service GMTV (who recently split from GMKing). Problems with the proposed original name were overcome and I am pleased to see that GMVision have finally came to release. 

The video is 20 minutes long and includes Game Maker news, an interview with assistant game designer of the GMCG and a three-way cage match between Final TD, Incoming Battle for Planet Earth and ByteAlity Tower Defense and some reviews.

My opinion on GMVision episode 1 will appear soon.

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6 Responses to GMVision Episode 1 Released

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  3. Naruto says:

    Very well done ! good show 🙂

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  5. Jonathan Martin says:

    NB: GMCast is not out! When this was filmed we were told it WAS going to be out before the 25th!

  6. Caniac says:

    Thanks for posting Phil, I hope everyone enjoys.

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