GMLive’s First Game Maker Radio Show (Listen again)

on October 10, 2009 - 3520 Views

GMLive - Game Maker Online RadioThe ambitious project to run a live online radio show about Game Maker got off to a slightly shaky but very promising start earlier today.  GMLive came on air at 10am EDT playing open source music for an hour before starting their first Game Maker show at 11 am.

Host Joshua Pedroza was joined by Producer Jono after problems with the proposed guests.  GMTV’s Dan Eggers and former Game Maker Community member MitchGraham (Games) were supposed to appear on the show but were absent leaving the show in an awkward position before it had even begun.

Recent Game Maker news was discussed including Game Maker for Mac, DS Game Maker and YoYo Games’ finances as well as three Game Maker games which were reviewed.

I’m tempted to agree with the following comment from NakedPaulToast:  “Live Radio is a poor media for game discussion. Live Radio is better for opinion and editorial.”

Live calls didn’t start out successfully with no one calling in for thirty minutes then two-callers coming on air at the same time who talked over each other and the hosts.  Thankfully things improved soon after that with calls from NakedPaulToast and NAL.

The show well exceeded its planned “30 to 45 minutes” run time eventually finishing an hour and a half after it had begun.  As the show progressed the hosts became more confident and despite a few technical problems and the lack of expected guests the project got off to a good start.  I have no listener numbers but about 30 different people commented on the site during the broadcast.  Hopefully the GMVision team will be able to do a live show on a regular basis.

Listen again to GMLive’s first show – 70MB!, music and a gap have been cut out:
Right click to download MP3.

Moment of the show: Jono discovering that New Jersey is in the USA and is not a country.

The date of the next live programme has not yet been decided.

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9 Responses to GMLive’s First Game Maker Radio Show (Listen again)

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  4. Elmernite says:

    What was the intro music?

  5. Coolist says:

    Well it wasn’t as bad as there show, and I think the hosts sound so much better when they’re not reading off of something.

  6. James says:

    I am certainly glad I was there to take part in the text discussion. Subsequently I have found a microphone and will definitely be ringing in on the next show.

    Hopefully the discussion topics will be better thought out.

  7. Broxter says:

    I found it funny that Darren got IP banned, then ended up on the show for more than half an hour. 😀

    An interesting start to GMLive…

  8. James says:

    I got some mentions in this 🙂

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