GMLive – Third Show Topics

on November 6, 2009 - 3303 Views

This Saturday GMLive will broadcast their third live global Game Maker radio discussion.

Topics that will be talked about include GameJolt’s latest contest, the return of Prodigygm magazine as Tailware Times, Sandy’s recent appearance at the Casual Games Forum in London and the Halloween episode of Game Maker TV.

No-one from the Game Maker Community Game turned up on the previous show but we are promised some GMCG content this time including an interview with the project’s lead composer and a question and answer session.

The show starts at 4pm GMT/11am EST.  You can get the time in your location here.

Missed the previous show?   Listen again.

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9 Responses to GMLive – Third Show Topics

  1. NakedPaulToast says:

    “So they’ve changed the start time?”

    No they haven’t. What has changed is Daylight Savings Time ended last weekend. The net effect is, areas that use DST moved there clocks back. To those outside of DST areas the time would have changed, those within it, it’s the same time.

  2. Broxter says:

    So they’ve changed the start time?

  3. Broxter says:

    But I’m sure it started at 4pm, last time. Which would have been 3pm GMT…

  4. @Broxter They don’t understand that we don’t use GMT in the summer. Hence in my earlier posts about their show I quoted the show starting at 5PM in the UK as they said it was at 4PM GMT. Now we are back on GMT 4pm is 4pm.

  5. Broxter says:

    I know for sure that the last one started at 3pm GMT. It definitely did.

  6. *is charging up his mobile phone so he can set an alert*


  7. Broxter says:

    How come they’re doing it at 4pm GMT this show?

    The last two started at 3pm GMT…

    Looking forward to the show, anyways.

  8. Jonathan Martin says:

    They all have started at 4:00PM GMT.

    REMEMBER: Our site is not 100% IE compatible..

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