Game Maker 8.0 Released

on December 22, 2009 - 170847 Views

GameMaker Studio and GameMaker Studio 2 have since been released and GameMaker 8.0 discontinued.

YoYo Games have today released version 8 of Game Maker.  The interface remains the same as in previous versions but there have been a number of improvements with completely rewritten Sprite and Script editors and some new features.  This is the first version of the game development software to be made available since Game Maker 7 in February 2007.

Download it now (.exe Installer, 10.4MB)


  • Improved Script Editor – A completely rewritten script editor includes new default colour coding settings (can be changed in preferences), line numbers and a pop-up box to help complete functions.

  • Enhanced Sprite Editor – Support for alpha transparency is perhaps the greatest new addition to the graphics capabilities of Game Maker but the editor has a whole host of new features including a magic wand selection tool, anti-aliasing and additional image effects such as glow and shadow options.
  • The limit on the number of vertexes allowed when drawing 3D models has increased from 1,000 to 32,000.
  • Updated Collision Mask Options – Sub-images of a sprite may now have different collision masks.  Masks can also be created in new shapes including diamond (useful for isometric games) and disk and can also be drawn by hand.
  • Additional Time Line Features – Time Lines can now be paused and even played in reverse.
  • Speed Improvements
  • New! Trigger Event – If a condition that you input in the Trigger editor becomes true an object can be made to perform any action you desire.  You may wish to check whether a variable has a certain value or if the player is in a certain location within a room.
  • New! Bundled Resources – A new collection of free to use sprites, backgrounds and sound effects are included in the Game Maker 8 download. These updated resources have been created by users of Game Maker and can be distributed within games without any usage restrictions.
  • New! Resource Exporter – Sprites, sounds, backgrounds, paths, scripts, fonts, time lines, objects and rooms together with Game Information and Global Game Settings can all be exported in just a few short clicks to a .gmres file.  Any combination of these game resources can then quickly be imported into a new or pre-existing project.
  • New! Splash Screen Options – Drag-and-drop actions to display a splash screen consisting of text, image or video and an online or local webpage have been added to the main2 tab.
  • New! Variables and Functions – gamemaker_version variable stores a number relating to the version of Game Maker used to create the game (Game Maker 8 is 800). Functions added to return the size and amount of free space on a specific drive: disk_size(drive), disk_free(drive). Also additional random functions and mouse_wheel_up and mouse_wheel_down.
  • New! Game Maker News – Official updates from YoYo Games regarding the software are now shown at startup (can be disabled).
  • New! Tutorial Sidebar – Tutorials can now be displayed in a sidebar on the right hand side of the IDE.  This means that there is no longer any need to switch between windows when getting started with the software.  There is no news so far as to whether user created tutorials will be able to utilise this feature.

This is not a full list of changes and additions.  For that please see the official change log.

Screenshots of changes and new features (click to enlarge):

[nggallery id=3]

Free/Lite and Upgraded/Pro: Users who purchased the Pro version of Game Maker 7 at any time during 2009 will receive a free upgrade to Game Maker 8 Pro.  If you upgraded prior to 2009 you will need to purchase the upgrade (current cost $25) if you wish to make use of the benefits provided to supporters in the new version.

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87 Responses to Game Maker 8.0 Released

  1. CJ the DJ 101 says:

    People on this website are the coolest guys ever!!!

  2. Sarah Paik says:

    I like Gamemaker and it is fun to create games.

  3. BrianneMoore says:

    this is soo cool

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  5. ??? says:

    How i download ?

  6. comeon says:

    how long will this take

  7. frankie says:

    i want to make a game

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  10. itzmrrip says:

    the game maker script looks just like flash ActionScript

  11. Jordan says:

    cooll cooll dude

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  14. Confused man says:

    I can’t find the download

  15. Jack Hatfield says:

    Is there any way using gml to import a gmres file into the game while the game is running or even to the exe?

  16. Frederick says:

    YYG needs the money fool.

  17. Lord Sunday says:

    This is ridiculous! So because I bought your product before 2009, I need to buy it again!? Great way to encourage n00bs who can’t make games for sh*t and lock out those who actually know how to use Game Maker and have stayed with it through out it’s lifetime!!!

    *Rant Completed, Compensation Expected*

  18. newgamer says:

    i have a imac and i jus downloaded the program but it says……(Õ!∏LÕ!This program cannot be run in DOS mode.)…… do i get the program to work

  19. samir says:

    it was so cool

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  25. Karjam says:

    It’s because of non-download resuming that I can’t download it. I have dail-up and was trying to get this to download into downthemall (but keep getting the ‘size missmatch’error).

  26. Tommy_Link2007 says:

    ive got a problem >_<', when i try to put a video in my game i always use the (Include) from (Global Game Settings) now the (Include) is missing, is there a way to put video without (Include) pls help.

  27. Comments on GM8 Released: 25
    Comments on GM8 Logo Released: 68

    Some good priorities there 😛

  28. jordan says:

    this is fun

  29. optimist says:

    the download does not resume >.>
    how pro is that!
    and some functions totally changed
    hay hossen321 i think i know you!

  30. hossen321 says:

    where is the download link

  31. Jack Hatfield says:

    wonder if we can use the gm7 code editor in gm8… im not incredibly fond of the new one, guess i must get used to it. Awesome edition for the users of GM

  32. xot says:

    Achievements would be a great idea for a YoYo Contest. Hmmmm.

  33. Elmernite says:

    That’s right, I forgot about the new code editor, looking forward to that as well!

  34. Mordi says:

    Apox: You can get PayPal and use that to pay for GM8, after downloading the installer.

  35. Apox says:

    Sorry my double post but… How i can buy GM8? I live in Argentina and i haven’t Credit Card.

    Thanks 🙂

  36. Mordi says:

    Drazzke: Exactly. It’s pretty neat!

  37. SunnyKatt says:

    So far, I’m in love with the multi-line indenting. Very helpful for neat freaks like me. 😀

  38. Elmernite says:

    Off hand, the only real reason I see to upgrade is for Inbuilt alpha support without having to use sprite_add_alpha.

    But that is more than enough reason to upgrade! I’ll be purchasing soon.


  39. Drazzke says:

    “There is no news so far as to whether user created tutorials will be able to utilise this feature.”
    You can create your own tutorials for it. You just have to go into Programs/Game Maker8/Tutorials, create a new folder with the name you want, and then make sure the pages are titled “page01.html”, “page02.html”, etc. The tutorial side bar seems to just use IE.

    I could see people making tutorials for it, and then people just download it into the tutorial folder in Game Maker 8.

  40. SunnyKatt says:

    Awesome, but now I have to go and fix all the glitches that make my games not compatible with it, specifically sprite_add_alpha is now just sprite_add. D:

  41. MightyFoo says:

    Downloaded tested and upgraded to pro.

    No problem here.

    Still have 7.0 activated too 🙂

  42. Vertibirdy says:

    Downloaded, and it looks fantastic! However, when I open click on any of the task bar buttons at the top, it tells me “Access violation.”

  43. Mordi says:

    “There is no news so far as to whether user created tutorials will be able to utilise this feature.”

    If you check the tutorials-folder, you can see how to easily add your own tutorials. They are basically just HTML-files, and GM recognizes each folder in that tutorial-folder as its own tutorial.

  44. facepalm says:

    I understand that some kids might appreciate “New! Bundled Resources” but I still see no reason to say it twice..

  45. @Blijbol Because the post was written before I downloaded Game Maker 8. Has been updated now.

  46. Blijbol says:

    Why does your screenshot show the old logo in the title bar? I just downloaded GM8 and I see the new logo in the title bar.

  47. Mordi says:

    I like the news-thingy it shows on startup. Would be cool if GMBlog was part of that as well.

  48. Ralph says:

    Wow, great stuff. I moved onto Flash and Actionscript a while ago, but I still love following Gamemaker news. Looks like alot of useful stuff I would’ve loved to have.

  49. YoYoHackers says:

    Will test it 🙂

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