Mid-week Community Links

on March 2, 2010 - 1206 Views

  • Topic at the GMC asking about the possibility of Game Maker going open source. The debate seems somehow to have turned into a discussion about the differences (or lack of) between piracy and theft.  With regards to the original question NakedPaulToast puts it best as he so often does – people simply aren’t interesting in contributing to an Open Source Game Maker as can be seen by the LateralGM and Enigma projects.
  • Something which will no doubt be reported in many places:  The deadline for people wishing to upgrade a version of Game Maker 7 purchased in 2009 to version 8 for free is at the end the month.  Surely anyone who cared about Game Maker would have done this already…
  • A quick blog post about someone creating their first iPhone game using the Unity 3D game development engine.

3 Responses to Mid-week Community Links

  1. Ted Lauterbach says:

    I found the quick blog post on iPhone development the most helpful and interesting, even though it had nothing to do with GM.

  2. TailWare says:

    thats epic. I may actually make an i-phone game.

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