Former DMA employees to invade YoYo’s new office

on April 26, 2010 - 3565 Views

Perhaps the worst kept secret at YoYo Games over the last half year is that they planned to open an office in Dundee.

The first official announcement of the move came today with Sandy announcing that the currently none-existent YoYo Games HQ will move to Dundee “in the next few weeks”.

Former DMA employee Mike Dailly, who thinks PSPs are uncool, joined YoYo Games in March taking on the role of Head of Development reuniting with his former boss for almost 10 years Russell Kay.

After DMA Dailly followed Kay to Visual Sciences before working at the largest independent game developer in Scotland, Realtime Worlds, undertaking “a mix of R&D and prototyping”.

In relation to an earlier grant application YoYo Games have been offered “considerable support” so it looks like will expect more appointments to be made over the next few months.

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  9. I hope the new staff can take YoYo to their full potential. A lot of improvements to come I hope…

  10. NessXX says:

    I agree.

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