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on May 18, 2010 - 2978 Views

  • Nikc-Nack has released a second issue of his magazine. Download (left click only)
  • I am compiling a list of the best open-source Game Maker 8 games. Effectively any good quality game made in Game Maker 8 with a downloadable .gmk file will do.  Ideally games from a cross-section of genres will be included in order to demonstrate the range of different types of creation that are possible with Game Maker. I am aware there is a section for open-source games at the GMC but if anyone has any particular suggestions they will be appreciated!

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9 Responses to Short Mid-Week Community Links

  1. Frederick says:

    Your header text I meant. I saw some yellow. O_O

  2. Frederick says:

    Use darker colors for your text… That’s all I can think of. O_O

  3. Manuel says:

    I’m looking forward to that list. Spelunkly would be a good addition to it. 🙂

  4. Nikc-Nack says:

    Hey, thanks again!
    Do you think for the next issue, if I send you a pre-released edition you can write up a full blog entry for it.

    Something that would attract people more?

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