GMTalk Game Maker Podcast – Episode 3

GMTalkAndrew McCluskeyJack Brockley, Joshua Pedroza and myself were briefly joined by Greyson Wright (RC) for the recording of a third GMTalk Game Maker podcast. We discuss the winning games and other high quality entries in the recent YoYo Games contest and the process for getting Game Maker games on PSP.

Also mentioned is Mike Dailly’s blog, the current YoYo Games competition, the YoYo Games App Store and we take a brief look at Game Maker magazines launched since our last episode.

55 minute mono version:
Direct link (50MB)

Show Links

Fifth competition results
They Need to be Fed Review by Andrew

RC Aerobatics


Wootman Zero

Entries into competition 6 so far (page appears to have been fixed!)
Issues regarding Game Maker games on iPod

Process of getting Game Maker games on to PSP

Overbyte Magazine Issue 3
Overbyte Magazine website
GMAG Issue 2
Grabeorama website
GMIndie magazine issue 9
Andrew’s review of GMIndie magazine
GMIndie eBook

Game Maker’s Companion by Jacob Habgood
The not so good book

Mike Dailly’s blog

Call of Duty 6 Game Maker

Music: Mr Spastic
Previous shows: GMTalk 2 and GMTalk 1

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  1. “I am allowed to voice my opinions”
    Yes. We know…

    I understand it bothers you when they compare it. But you know how people are… They have to compare things with other things O_O

    • Yeah, that last one was more defensive, eh. But no stupid comparisons regarding epic games vs crappy stuff like mine. Just so long as people notice what I have to say without calling more a 10 year old whinger. >C

    • I am excited for Jesse – Frozzd is great, Karoshi is great, Focus is great.. Caniac, this has nothing to do with the competition, and it might not have anything to do with Jesse except that he’s a good example for the situation, which is that people see a great game made by someone else and automatically think that that is the benchmark for everything, which is untrue. He has five pages of games, and when you get that much publicity odds are someone will find someone remotely similair to your game.
      I don’t have a problem with Jesse or where I came in the competition – hell, I didn’t think I’d even get runner up, and I did. The only problem I have is with OTHER people that like to compare other people’s games to games that surpass them by miles. (I mean, he has 2 comp wins, for god’s sake.)
      This goes for ALL games.
      And I’m 15, by the way, and I fail to see how teleporting through walls dodging rockets and running around eating stuff are similiar.

      I am allowed to voice my opinions, and I don’t like it when people yell at me ‘cos I do. You said it yourself: We’re allowed to have opinions, got a problem with that?

  2. Rant mode ON
    I’m appalled at the number of Jesse’s games mentioned. I have strong views about people who compare games to his games – don’t do it! Wubly (for example) is completely different to NjBj. For example:
    NJBJ – Wubly
    Great sense of humour – non
    Great Polish – non
    Variety in levels – non
    Variety in gameplay (IE Robots) – non
    Great, attractive and varied graphics – non
    non – Frustrating gameplay
    non – Lags a lot

    Now, I really hate it when someone compares a game to Jesse’s games. Pretty much any game, but Jesse’s in particular, and here’s why. (I’m not sore – I thought I’d only make ‘best of the rest’.)
    Now. Jesse creates new products surprisingly often – His YYG page I think has about 3 pages of them. Now, this isn’t so bad on it’s own, but since Frozzd won comp 4 (I think), he’s receiving a lot of publicity almost all of the time. This means that whenever someone reviews someone elses game, they’d almost certainly had a look at Jesse’s and if they find something remotely similar they’ll instantly post it, go ‘RIPPER’ and downrate it.
    Now, I recently got a comment on my entry, Plob, by someone who thought it was copied off of Focus! Excuse me? What in any way, shape, or form does my game resemble Focus? In Focus you run around, teleport, and dodge rockets. In my game you explore a ruined lab, eat stuff and solve colourful puzzles.
    It’s stupid things like this that I get worked up about. Please, YYG, when you see a game, DON’T compare it to anything else! DON’T say how it compares against a product made by someone with two 1st places and years of game design experience.

    The point: If you talk about a game, don’t mention one of Jesse’s games. Even though he does quite exceptional stuff, he IS NOT the be-all and end-all of indie game design. And for the love of god, don’t say things that amount to ‘hmm, it has a small character then jumps around – HOLY CRAP JESSE MADE SOMETHING REMOTELY RESEMBLING THAT!’
    Rant mode OFF.

    • Dude, yes you are sore. And (did I forget to mention) Your game is a piece of pure and utter *cough*.

      We are allowed to have opinions, you have a problem with that?
      I was merely pointing out that the gameplay was very very similar. I enjoyed the game, it was fun, ok?

      I am not sure what you have against comparing two games to each other. Is that offensive? Racist? Marxist? I don’t think so. Your just a whiny 10 year old that likes 2DCube and is crying cause your game did not come close to placing. Go find somewhere else to whine.

  3. @Caniac I really don’t care what people say about me in their podcasts. I’m honored that they would mention me ^^ But I do care when they intentionally or unintentionally say something that isn’t true about other people…

  4. Excellent podcast, you guys demonstrate a good chemistry that is easy to listen to and follow.

    @Phillip Gamble. You have the absolute best accent, you’re the Justin Beiber of the Game Maker world.

    @Caniac. Quit complaining about what was and wasn’t edited.

    @All. I really wanted to hear more detail about competition games being DQ’ed because of downrating. You seemed to talk from an authoritative position because of your Mod position, but gave no definitive information.

    This is important news that all will benefit from, if confirmed.

    The game from the complainer that you referenced to my glog comment, was made by deathzero0212 (on glog), deathzero02 (on YYGs) and called Click Adventurer Man 4.


    • I was never 100% on exactly how games were getting disqualified, though what I do know is that the only games getting untagged were the ones made by downraters of other entries. Games that broke other rules (either by having too high a resolution, use of the mouse or disallowed keys, registry usage etc) were left, presumably because the judges could tell at a glance they’d broken the rules and could then throw them out of the running.

      I should’ve mentioned that in the show but I hadn’t really thought about it properly until now, haha.

    • Philip Gamble :
      On an off topic had to approve your comment which resulted in me seeing the rather amusingly themed parked page.

      I just tried visiting his blog at work, and I got as far as seeing the title bar change to say something about nudity and sex before I stopped it.

      It’s funny when you browse the net at work… If anyone remembers the movie The Fifth Element, I always feel like that guy who works in the reconstruction chamber – I always have my hand hovering over the big red kill button!

    • I know magazines have probably been overdone but since Greyson could make the show it made sense to talk about them. No more in the next podcast!

      And regarding the ‘last’ issue. Once it was the ‘last’ issue and once the ‘last long’ issue so I’ll give you credit on that.

  5. Interesting podcast Philip. This is for you Caniac “O_O”

    GMIndie said it was their last issue how many times? Once. Reading is key. Actually reading guys. They said they were launching another magazine. Not closing the first… O_O And you were talking about outdated ebook stuff? Nice… You should contact their publisher to get a real screen clip… Nerds ^^

    I do not agree with the winners of competition 5. Not at all… But they were good games.

  6. Pretty awesome. I can only agree with the call of duty thing. xD

    I fucking hate fangames, i srly hope that yyg will maybe decide to remove them. Or at least stop having them featured. ._.’

  7. Phil, you were supposed to cut out my blunders and just include the parts when I re-stated stuff more clearly 😛
    PS, I want a copy of the out takes (Unedited- well, you can edit-out NALs cursing, but otherwise unedited)

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