YoYo Promise more Transparent Judging for their 6th Competition

on August 26, 2010 - 2288 Views

YoYo Games's 6th competition has a theme of DiscoveryRussell Kay has promised that the judging process for YoYo Games sixth competition, which closes Tuesday, will be more transparent than it has been in their previous contests.

The discovery themed competition has $1,750 of cash prizes up for grabs for the games YoYo Games deem to be the best.

Some Game Maker users had expressed their surprise at the runners-up listed in YoYo’s previous competition, won by 2DCube’s They Need to be Fed, which they felt were less worthy than some titles which did not receive a mention.

It appears the transparency will enable competition entrants (and everybody else who reads YoYo’s blog) to know if their game is still in the running as Russell said that a day after the deadline the titles accepted for judging will be announced. Presumably this stage will weed out all of the created-in-five-minutes, not-actually-playable and blatant rule-infringing entries.

YoYo Games also want you to spread the word about their sixth competition on Twitter.  In an attempt to widen the audience of YoYoGames.com and the Game Maker software it has been announced that entries must be tagged with #YoYoComp06 which will also be used by YYG and others  to discuss the competition on Twitter.  So far no-one has used the hash tag.

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  4. xot says:

    Hopefully this will allow non-winners to register their disgust with greater accuracy.

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