GameMaker HTML5 in “closed Alpha build”

on July 31, 2011 - 2640 Views

YoYo Games earlier disclosed that ‘GameMaker HTM5’ will be released “this year” and recently announced that GameMaker HTML5 now has a closed Alpha build.

We can review a product exported from this upcoming Game Maker version already at, where the site now features a HTML5 version of its homepage animation replacing its ActionScript carousel counter-part.

The above video released by YoYo Games is of GraveMaker a game created using the Alpha version of GameMaker HTML5.

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3 Responses to GameMaker HTML5 in “closed Alpha build”

  1. Oh god… I wish I could get into the closed testing (considering my ‘luck’ of finding bugs in software).

  2. Prinsu-Kun says:

    Can’t wait HTML5 !! <3

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